Grace: The FBI just got involved

The dinner had gone well, but Grace knew that she would never be going on a date with that guy ever again. All he talked about was himself, and she had found herself staring bored in to th spoon in front of her. When he eventually got round to asking her about herself, they were mid-way through dessert, and she had already begun checking out a sexy woman at the bar. She hadn't got her number though. She still had manners, and it was rude to pick someone else up while on a date.

She slipped off her heels and collapsed on the sofa. This was the third blind date her friends had set up in a month. But she just wasn't interested in the guys they picked. She preferred women to men anyway, but she'd dated some really nice guys that she'd loved and she had nothing against them. She just wished her friends would set her up with more interesting people. They were either men looking for a trophy girlfriend/wife, or men who were so dull and boring that she knew she could never love them. She liked a little fire in her relationships.

"And the shocking news tonight that yet another high profile robbery has taken place in Manhattan. The Walker Institute is the latest victim of these robberies, with a shocking discovery that one of their latest inventions had disappeared from a secure area tonight, at the famous annual showcase."

Grace stared a the television in shock, a deep anger rising through her. If they were broadcasting it as 'yet another high profile robbery', it was clearly going to be a 'Snake Eyes' robbery. They would find some note, and the signature would be like the one on the Degas. Grace felt her fist tightening and she threw a cushion at the television.

"The FBI appeared at the scene moments after the discovery, and have proceeded to secure the scene. Their appearance suggests the object may have either great value, or may be a risk to our nation. Here is some footage captured by our journalists moments ago."

Hurried images of several FBI agents rushing in to the building appeared on the screen. The FBI were involved now? Grace groaned. This was unbelieveable.

It was getting way out of hand. This person was ruining her reputation, her name... And if anyone had even an inkling that she was Snake Eyes, she would get the blame for these crimes as well. It was ridiculous. The FBI? She did not need federal investigations on her tail.

What if she were to leave? But then if they did suspect her, which was quite impossible but Grace was not willing to take the risk, leaving would make her look guilty. So what to do? How to put an end to this?

It seemed quite impossible.

She paced anxiously, worrying with her hands, and rubbing her thumb across the snake bite scar on her right wrist. She always did this when she was concerned about her powers. Or thinking about them a great deal.

Then a thought flickered through her head.

She would have to stop this person herself.

The End

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