Marcas Neodróin - Ray/Ryuu - Interrogation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation took a large interest in the robbery of the amulets from Walker Inc during the 3rd annual showcase extravaganza. Andie Kensington was the FBI interrogator put in charge of getting answers.
She was fairly blunt with her interrogation. “What do you know Mr Giordano?”

“Technology really isn't my thing, I'm just a security guard. If you want to talk to somebody about these, talk to my Employer, Mr. Walker". It was Ray that answered. He was in the room sitting on a metal chair next to another man, who’s name Ray did not know. 

"We know you are more than just a simple security guard Mr. Giordano. Any and all information you can give us would be of great help." Andie tried to add in a pinch of joy, trying to encourage a positive answer. 

Ray obliged to a certain extent. "Yes, you're right. Don't you know a person on the witness protection programme when you see one? Look, I'm just keeping a low profile like I was told to, getting involved with the FBI is not my idea of keeping a low profile."

Andie lost her patience. "Sir, things can become a lot more uncomfortable if you do not cooperate. We do realize that Mr. Walker will have a part to play and questions to answer. But now I am asking you. What do you know?"

Ray was slightly taken aback. But was in control. "A threat, hm? Fine, I know what was said. If those amulets aren't found, they could blow and level Manhattan. 
Now, you mention my employer, one of the richest and most powerful men worldwide? I suggest you let him handle this himself. His security team are ten times better than you pencil pushers." The last sentence stung the agent. 

The woman stuttered a little. "Excuse me? Do you realize who you are talking to? I am representing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, no security team is better, never mind Mr. Walkers." She lost control.

Ray pushed further. "A man with the resources that he has can afford a team that makes you look like a Hall Monitor. What's wrong detective, am I getting under your skin?"

She winced a little, before trying to steer the conversation away from Ray. "Mr. Neodróin, perhaps you can provide us with some information."

The Irishman shrugged. "I am afraid Mr. Giordano might know more than myself. I am just a tourist." The woman sighed and Ray spoke again. 

"Look detective, you're wasting your time here when you could be looking for the thief. I already told you the danger it presents, what more do you need?" The question carried a little impatience. 

"We need to know everything. What it is made of, where your employer got the materials. When I say everything, I mean everything." She pushed to know more. 

Ray responded with a little more anger than usual. "Well I can tell you now, Mr. Walker did not involve me in this, you'd do better talking to him."

It was Marcas that spoke. "May we have a minute Ma'am. If we are angry and confined we will not work nearly as well as we could." She nodded and left the room.

"Did Walker do something Mr?.... Sorry what is your first name?" Marcas spoke calmly. 

"--Giordano, Raymond Giordano. Who are you, first?" Ray responded with a level of curiosity that he had not presented in the room until now. 

The Irishman sported a welcoming smile. "I am Marcas Neodróin. I am an Irish energy scientist. I assume you know more than you are letting on Raymond?"

"I was not involved in the creation of these things, that's the truth of it. But tell me why I should trust you to tell you anything at all."

Marcas smiled. "Because I can sense the energy of that amulet that you have around your neck. Care to tell me what that is Raymond?"

Ray struggled to hide his mild case of shock. "Tell me how you knew that and maybe I'll start answering your questions."

"I know about your amulet, because you are not the only one hiding a secret Mr Giordano. I have a gift." 
With that the two glasses that sat on the table full to the brim with water began to evaporate. The water dissipated into steam before vanishing from sight. "I can manipulate energy." Will you answer my question now?"

Ray coughed. "That would do it. The amulet is a piece of technology far beyond my own and... human comprehension. Until Walker."

"So you do not truly understand the power that has been stolen?" A worried look flashed across the Irishman’s face. 

Ray responded quickly. "Oh I understand what it can do alright, just not how the thing truly works. The amulet's far more advanced than modern technology, or technology for another hundred years. But Mr. Walkers copies are much simpler prototypes, incomplete. If somebody uses them--if they don't work, they'll blow up New York, if they do... things would be worse."

"As in how the one failed during the show? Only the result would be a thousands of times worse. That could be quite problematic. Any suggestions on how the amulets can be retrieved as soon as possible?" Ray pondered a response. 

"Yes, by getting away from this waste of my time and talking to Mr. Walker. This goes far beyond these pigs." The man put extra emphasise on the pigs. 

"Well if you're ready to leave I am. I wish to talk to Walker myself." Marcas ushered towards the door. "After you." The two men walked out of the door, not exchanging any words.

It appears that they were in a large warehouse. Four guards stood in a military line in front of them. All had their guns raised and pointed at Marcas and Ray. The guard at the front was first to shout. “get down on your knees or we will use force.”

Ray gave Marcas a look but Marcas raised his hand. “I’ll handle them.” 

“Gentlemen, no need for violence surely.” He stepped forward. 

“This is your last warning. On your knees boy.” The mans hands were trembling. He didn’t really want to shoot them. 

"Where is our interrogator?" Ray asked, with a slight level of impatience in his voice. 

Andie walked out from a small office to the guards right side. "Finally ready to assist us Mr Giordano?"

Ray scoofed at her. "Hardly." 

The Irishman was next to speak. "We require permission to leave. Care to grant it?" 

She went to speak but Ray cut her off. "We can do a lot more help outside this warehouse, than in it. Let us go, we will retrieve everything that was stolen."

She sighed and nodded to the guard. "Let them go."


Ray picked up the phone from his pocket and said "Walker. Other". He looked at the screen where the face of Walker appeared.
"What is it?" Walker asked, sounding very snappish.

"I'm bringing a person to talk with you. He's one of us."

"Oh really? Bring him here then-"


"don't worry, we need somewhere private, and I'll make sure he doesn't tell anybody about this place." The call ended abruptly. 

The End

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