As quick as he could, Ray rushed to the control room.

“What happened?”

“Ah, you noticed it too? We don’t know, but it wasn’t supposed to happen.” One of the guards said.

Another scientist spoke through an earpiece. “Mr.Walker, the amulet overloaded the containment field when activated, it was pushed too far and exploded. It had the power of a nuke, enough to level all of Manhattan. Good job we took the safety measures of having it in a lead room. But it’s just as we predicted, works perfectly otherwise.” Ray didn’t care how Rob would continue to spin this, if he even needed too. “Time to send them home.” He checked the cameras, the security guard that spoke on his arrival pointed to one in particular.

“Looks like there was trouble in the showroom,” Ray saw it too, Shift looked—dazed was the only description that fit him.

“I’ll handle this,” he yelled before running for the showroom. The guards outside stood to attention as he came. But when they tried to unlock the door, they found it was stuck. He had to ram it to enter. He knew he didn’t have long before someone came to check. He’d seen them out in their vans, in his experience; he knew exactly how to spot them.

Ray knew that Shift had two powers, one gave him the ability to transform into anything, and the second made him impervious to manmade weapons. Whoever had dazed him must of had powers. He slapped Shift’s face a couple of times and Shift groaned. Alive and otherwise unharmed.

“What the hell happened?” He gave his cheeks another couple of smacks and Shift finally focused on him. His face seemed to scrunch up, trying to remember.

“Err... oh god... I,” he rubbed his forehead with the palm of his hand, “I thought I heard something so I shapeshifted into something small, hoping to watch the criminal in action, but then—“he cut off, trying to remember.

“What?” my voice was perfectly calm, more encouraging than urgent.

“I don’t know. I had a very sudden, intense feeling of something and... how much time passed?”

“Just a few minutes—“ but Ray was moving around the room, looking to see if anything had been taken, and sure enough, the amulets were gone.This is not good.

Ray took out his Comm. and called for Rob, hoping he was done with his show. No answer. He called on his mental training to remain calm, even if this was a dire situation. If the thing was used, best thing that could happen, New York would be destroyed, worst case scenario, the person would get his powers, which meant an unlimited potential of bad scenarios before the person finally died from overuse. Well, if they had the stupidity to put the amulet on. He clutched onto his chest so tightly it hurt him a little, but this grounded his head and stopping him from overthinking.

“What are we going to do?” Shift actually sounded worried for a change.

“We get to Rob, we sort this mess out.” He knew Rob wouldn’t just post CCTV in his rooms, he knew from past history that Rob would have decked this place out with all kinds of security. The thief would be caught on something. But for now...

He moved across the room, looking for the possible entrance. There were two windows, both closed and one of them was strangely frosted. He gently touched a finger to it and found it was cold. He looked at the amulet container and found nothing except an empty mould in the case, although the case itself felt cold and a little damp. He moved to the door to check the lock but couldn’t tell what happened.

He let all these little pieces of information stew, not coming to a conclusion till his brain had come up with a foolproof idea.

“Hey, Ray,” Shift called, he held out a note. “Snake Eyes....”

“Give it to Rob.” The last thing he wanted to read right now was a stupid thief’s smug words. They clearly didn’t understand what they’d taken or they’d have left well enough alone.

Ray ran from the room, hoping to catch Rob as he left the stage but he didn’t get ten metres before bumping into somebody. A swathe man in a black and red getup.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here?” Ray asked after getting up and helping the other.

“I had a hunch,” the man, speaking with an Irish accent, dusted off his suit.

“I—“but at that moment, two more men, Ray recognised from the Conference room, came to stand behind the Irishman.

“Excuse me sirs, please come with me.” One of them said. They sounded official.

“Gentleman, gentleman, I’m just a visitor—“the Irishman began.

“We work with the FBI,” they held up badges, “we’ve been keeping an eye on this technology of yours and now we believe it is stolen, so please, come with us.” So Ray was right, the FBI in their vans had indeed been watching. He didn’t put up a fight; he didn’t want to alert the guests now streaming out of the place. And clearly that was the agent’s desire too. But why they were bringing the Irishman, purely because he was a witness to this detainment?

Ray and the Irishman were shoved into the back of an armoured vehicle. The doors closed and everything was darkness.


The End

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