Ray/Ryuu: Showcase Part 2

Here we go.

“Ladies and gentlemen...” the voice blasted over the speakers. Dwayne had a strong, powerful voice. “...get ready for the 3rdannual showcase extravaganza. And please welcome... Robert Walker!”

Applause started as music blasted everywhere, it was Whitesnake. Ray guessed Still of the Night.

In the noise the roof had opened and red and green spot lights, many of them, lit up the blackness of the sky. Several jets shot over head releasing clouds of coloured powder that slowly fell into the stadium, then glistening white. The applause continued as the song hit the slower, quieter section and the announcer repeated, “Robert Walker!” The clapping and cheering became louder and louder as a helicopter stopped over the stadium and a figure leapt from it. The figure held green glowsticks which lit up his face eerily. He fell further and further down. He was still falling as he entered the stadium. The clapping had stopped to be replaced with a united gasp. Even Ray was a little worried, thinking maybe something had gone wrong. But Rob fell, and landed on his feet without dying as several fireworks rocketed into the sky and sparks lit up the perimeter of the stage in flaming wheels. A holograph appeared above him. It captured his image as he stood there, a gigantic grin on his face. The holograph was a close up so everybody could see him, his front visible in every direction. He tapped the mic that perched on his ear as the music finally finished. Blinding spotlights were on him, and he moved to one side of the stage, the holograph capturing his movement. He pointed upwards, looking like he had no idea what the holograph was. Ray heard Dwayne grumble: “Not as good as the girls last year, bring back the girls.”

“Bet you’re wondering how I survived, huh?” he tapped his nose and winked. “Nah, before I’ve even begun,” he pointed to his feet, “may I present to you, the Featherweight Boots, shock absorbent and frankly, just amazing. Thank god they work too.” He laughed with the audience. “No but seriously, welcome everyone; I’m glad you could make it because I have some pretty amazing things to show you tonight.

“But first, let me start with a little history of my fine company. Walker Inc started as just a small thing, one employee with a massive dream, to revolutionize the world. As the year progressed things picked up quickly and I had to hire a team. Money came faster than I could count it and I was able to build this impressive tower.” He pointed behind one stand of the audience and everyone turned around. They had been so engrossed in him they hadn’t notices that one side of the roof had collapsed to below the level of the stands, revealing Walker Tower in its huge glory. The advertisement board readThe Revolution Continues.

“As the team grew, the profits grew and the shares grew I realised I had to be more than a genius businessman making money. I had to make it something that could capture everyone’s eye. To be big enough that my designs could change the world. So I started the first Showcase Extravaganza. Well I know now the name could have been better,” once again the audience laughed with him. “And the highlight that year was the underwater breathmask when this stage was a giant aquarium. It was quite a first year even if I do say so myself. And from there, this only grew. And, well, you know the rest, so why don’t we begin with the unveilings!”

Ray wasn’t too interested in the tech, so he went on his rounds, nodding to Dwayne as he left the walkway. And for the briefest of moments, he felt an almost imperceptible twinge in his mind. He calmed and blanked his mind before continuing.

A couple of men and women had remained in Conference Room A. It was acceptable though not preferable, some people just preferred to remain indoors out of the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

A screen had been pulled down to show what was happening outside since everything would be televised. He carried on to the showroom, getting one of the guards to unlock the door. Everything was intact as the guard continued to walk around.

“I can’t believe Rob has me in bloody doors whilst that awesome show’s going on,”so it’s Shift then, great,“I mean, why can’t you do this, you don’t even like technology, right?”

For just a second, Ray found his outrage positively delightful. “Guess Rob thinks you would do a good job,” Ray suggested, but even he didn’t believe it. Maybe he wanted to keep him out of the way for annoying him. Or maybe he knew Shift would get distracted by the show too much.

“Yeah,” he folded his arms and raised an eyebrow, “well he aint blaming me if any of his stuff goes missing.”

Ray shook his head, “just do your job, hey, you can always play with some of these toys if you ever get bored,” it felt nice to be in Shift’s seat, making fun of him.

“Hey, good idea!” he grinned and immediately turned on the robot.Maybe he’s missing a couple of brain cells.Ray wondered if changing into animals could do that to a person.

Ray left the room and checked the control floor. In here, several scientists sat around laptops whilst a bigger camera display took up a whole wall with several guards looking at it. Ray moved to the laptop guys.

“What are you doing?” he asked. One turned around to answer.

“We’re getting ready for the big unveil. Look here, at the click of this button, a series of commands will enter the Tower’s main computer and will change its source of electricity. We have cameras hooked up to the sources so that people can see there’s been an actual change. Mr.Walker will explain the differences and these camera images will take the place of his holograph. Even the holograph is a technical marvel; it picks up his person alone within the perimeter of the stage and none of his background, recognition software far beyond the standard, off-the-shelf merchandise.” Ray could pretty much grasp what he’d said, albeit with a little difficulty.

“And this will all happen in the tower?” he checked.

“Yup, the Tower is Mr.Walker’s beacon of hope and success.”

Ray left that room and returned to the walkway, just in time.

“Now, ladies and gentleman, to our greatest achievement,” a ripple of excitement and anticipation shook across the audience, Ray could feel it from the walkway. He closed his eyes, his sharpened senses picking up noises and smells. “To the moment you have patiently been waiting for,” he was dragging it out for maximum effect.

Ray heard a young guy shout, “come on, show us!”

Rob laughed, “well, if you insist.”


The holograph changed. The current source was little more than a big generator that took energy from the mains, also with solar panels that covered the slanted, circular roof of the tower. That image was on one side of the stage, the second images showed a new generator and inside, a room with something on a pedestal. Something that looked like an amulet. Ray felt his chest and frowned. It couldn’t be.

“For years, my top scientists and I have been working in safe, confined locations, looking for a synthetic element that could fuse in lower temperatures than what most current elements do, including a way to make the cold fusion happen. Well after years of testing we have done it. With the perfect element, we were able to create a small containment field for the atoms, which seem magnetically attracted, to fuse together creating massive amounts of energy that cannot effect the environment. With this prototype, I will give you a glimpse of an energy source that will be enough to power my tower for over a hundred years!”

He used my amulet’s device as a source of power and is revealing it’s mechanism to the world. Using copies. Does he realise how dangerous that will be? And if somebody managed to get their hands on one...

“We have several more, as you’ve seen in the Showcase room, ready to be dispatched to every tower. So without further ado, let’s begin the show!” he pointed up to the screens, “first, we will turn off the power in the tower.” As he did, all the lights in that place went out and Walker Tower, for the first time in three years, was pitch black. But then all the lights went out in the Stadium. Ray took a look in the announcer booth and Dwayne’s cameras had gone out too. Luckily the holographs were still working; they must have had their own energy source or a battery. Rob hadn’t noticed anything; meanwhile Dwayne kept talking into his mic. “Now!” Rob roared, enthusiasm taking over to him, “Let the Revolution Continue!” Thank goodness laptops can run on battery and WiFi too.

The amulet lifted of its own accord and glowed intensely. The generator on the outside hummed and meters sparked up, spinning from one number to another and back. It lasted for a few minutes. Lights turned back on in the tower, the advertisement board readIt’s Hereand a new series of letters that seemed to float above the tower itself readWalker Incorporatedwith little glowing balls orbiting the words, like an atom.

Then the amulet glowed so intensely, and for a split second, too quickly for most eyes to see, it blew up and that image disappeared. The second generator shut off. And the first one came back on. Ray checked again, the power in the stadium had just come back.Was the loss of power just a malfunction?

“As I said, it’s just a prototype,” the audience laughed again with him, as a loud round of applause rang up.


The End

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