Ester/The Sleeper – Disturbing Thoughts

Darkness and pain washed over Ester for what felt like eternity, but only took a minute or two in real life. As the pain receded, the noise increased as the thoughts of everyone within ten miles crashed into her brain.

Ester winced.

Moving into a city had not been a good idea. She knew this, but she couldn’t afford to move someplace quieter. Not yet.

Focus, she told herself.

Diving deep into meditative techniques she focused her mind on counting her breath. With each breath she filtered out a level of noise. A thought pattern caught her attention.

Alicia worried about her embryo, her unmarried status and her ability to be a good mother.

Another breath and Alicia’s thoughts vanished with the others.

Breath in; count one.

Breath out, count two.

Breath in count three.

Breath out, count four.

Up until ten and then repeated again.

Her mind was clear, the chaos controlled.

Now, she had to take the next step, a step she’d never taken when she’d been with the monk. Letting her eyelids remain closed as her breath deepened to the rhythms of sleep.


Her mind’s eye opened slowly, taking in her bedroom. A single thought brought her to the door of her apartment, an invisible whips listening to the internal monologue of the man sorting his mail.

Another thought and she was with the women at work, quietly discussing Alicia’s pregnancy. One woman internally scorning that she had no husband, another jealous of Alicia’s luck.

She thought beyond them, out on to the Great Salt Flats of Utah. It was disserted, wind filling the hot air with stinging sand. But none of it affect her spirit self. She let another thought bring her to Manhattan.

The number of thoughts here bombarded The Sleeper’s mind, threatening to break the Trance. She held on my focusing on the buzz, the simple wonderment and puzzlement that emanated from a giant stadium. Their singleness in thought acted as a rock upon which she stood. Her thought wisp flicked to the scaffolding. There was one man up there, tense, worried and annoyed.

Then another thought caught her attention. Delight and joy at how the plans were coming to fruition and how this heist would be the piece ‘de resistance’.

The Sleeper hovered for a moment, wondering if she should stay and watch. She wanted to warn the person near her. If she could. She felt she should try...




Gasping Ester jerked awake form her trance, her sprit self flung back into her body by the sound of the phone.


She pulled herself into a mostly normal state and padded to the phone. She picked it up it just before the answering service kicked in.

“Ester,” it was Alicia on the other line, her worry ghosting into Ester’s head as her powers faded.


“Are you sick?”

“No, wh...” Ester looked at the clock, she was a class overdue. “I must have slept longer than I thought. I’ll be at the studio in five minutes. Have my class warm up for me please. They know the drill.”

Rushing out the door Ester forgot about what she’d seen in Manhattan. It faded away like a bad dream. But one thing she knew for certain. If she was going try contacting her kids, she would need to cut down on the time it took for her to clear her mind and jump.

The End

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