Ester – Children on Her Mind

At Eleven O’clock the staff at Ying Yang Yoga Center broke for lunch. Ester hung around just long enough to hear Alicia’s announcement; she was pregnant. Clearly the topic of conversation would be geared towards that, so Esther left. She had six hours before her next class at 5 pm, anyway.  But leaving didn’t solve the issue, she was trying to avoid.

Everywhere Ester looked, there appeared to be children. On the trolley, a mother was nursing her infant. On the sidewalk a father walked hand in hand with his daughter.  Hoping off at the next stop, Ester walked double time to the closest park she could find. Sitting underneath a tree she began to breath.

Breath in.

Breath out.

Breath in.

Breath out.

The laughter of children caught her ear and a sob caught her throat. It had been easier when she had been with Aubrey. His constant chatter had kept such thoughts form her mind. Not to mention children was not one of his higher priorities. Having relations with as many girls as possible was. Ester let her bitterness at that fact overlay the feeling of separation from her children.

It was not enough.

Another burst of laughter, rained upon her and she opened her eyes. She could not run forever. Ester stood. She turned back to the Trolley line and took one that brought her near home. Picking up lunch on the way she went back to her apartment. There in the bare living room she sat to meditate.

But she couldn’t help wonder how her kids fared.

It had been eight years since that fateful day in Iran when she had woken to the knowledge of what she was. Two years since she’d come from Tibet to the United States, trying to start over. And three months since her divorce with Aubrey had been finalized.

Now that she was no longer running scared, or concentrating on keeping her mental abilities under control, now that she was alone with herself, she had to face the emotional toll of her life. There was only one way to quiet herself.

Moving into her bedroom, Ester lay down upon her bed. She closed her eyes and willed upon herself the migraine that unlocked her powers. But, would she be able to reach her children’s minds when they were eight years older and seven thousand miles away?

The End

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