Marcas Neodróin - An Easy Decision

It didn't take long for Marcas to find Mary. Between the two of them they finished the shopping relatively quickly. The Irishman made sure to stock up heavily on his favourite type of food, noodles.

He wasn't sure why he enjoyed the taste of noodles so much, but he did. On the odd occasion he would even snack on the food with some toast. Laura found this disgusting and often left the room when he ate his obscure meal, which was unbelievably often.

They traveled back in the large, typically black, jeep which handled the rough country roads as easily as it would a smooth straight roadway. The conversation was minimal, but when they were no more than 20 minutes from home Mary, who was sitting in the passenger seat, got a phone-call.

She muttered a very vague "yes" and "mmhuh" before ending the conversation with a "Be home soon". When the phone-call had ended she turned her head to Marcas, who kept his gaze focused forward. "There is an American man waiting for you."

His expressionless face stayed exactly as it was, expressionless. "Is that it? CIA, FBI, MIT? Any other information on him?" His voices pitch was raised slightly higher than usual. His curiosity was definitely peaked.

Mary sighed a little. "It isn't anything huge Marcas. Laura believes it is just a man from MIT. She thinks he wants you to go back over with him for a conference on energy." Mary could see Marcas' face drop slightly. He tried to hide his emotions, but it never quite worked, Mary could always tell. She didn't say anything, she knew there was nothing she could say.


Marcas parked the jeep into the garage. He went to get the bags of food from the boot, but Mary stopped him. "I'll get them. You have somebody waiting for you." He nodded and walked through the doorway into the housing area of the Healey Institute.

Sitting on the couch, holding a cup of tea that half rested on his crossed knee, was a Caucasian man in a full black suit, with short military style hair and strong disciplined shoulders. His face was weather beaten, but he could not have been more than 5 years older than Marcas. He rose when he seen him.

"Mr Neodróin, it is with the utmost joy that I greet you today. I hope you won't mind my intrusion. I was sent with a request that I was to pass on to you, and only you Sir." The man spoke with a heavy set New York accent. The words sounded out of place coming from such a voice.

Marcas waved his hand toward the laboratories. "How about a tour whilst we talk business, Mr?" It just struck Marcas now that the man had not introduced himself.

"How about we just avoid names Sir." There was something alluringly awful about how he said that. It echoed trouble in the Scientists head.

Victor was standing at the far end of the room staying quiet through all of this. Marcas looked over to him and asked nicely. "Mary needs a hand with the bags, do you mind helping her whilst I give out guest a tour?" Victor graciously said he would and barged off to the garage. He always seemed angry when he was silent like that, but he just had a rough exterior.

As they walked through the various laboratories Marcas gave a little bit of background on everything that he thought the unnamed man might find interesting. He even asked questions and pondered the answers. When they reached the chemical separation lab the conversation was steered into a very business like manner.

"Sir, I have been sent here to bring you back to America with me." This didn't exactly strike Marcas as shocking news. "We are having a private conference on energy with some of the worlds biggest players. This could be an opportunity for you to extend your reach in the World."

Marcas knew where the conversation was going. The man would continue to try and convince him to go, giving him numerous reasons, but he would never hit the nail on the head with the real reason why he was wanted there. "Don't jump around the point, you want me for my abilities. That is evident."

The man couldn't hide the slight shock he felt at the bluntness of the comment. "That is true. The worlds largest players are taking an interest, behind the scenes obviously. But they wish to see a 'demonstration'. It would be dictated by you of course what you wish to show and what you don't want us to see."

Marcas didn't need much convincing. He always wished to see America, this was his chance. "I will go. We will leave in the morning. You may sleep in the spare room. Now if you will excuse me, I must pack."

Marcas left quite abruptly, giving no time for the man to respond. He had decided, he was going to America. Time for a new, temporary, horizon.

The End

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