Ester - Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Ester reviewed her face in the mirror. One more year, one more wrinkle. She smiled. At least she had a few laugh lines. Shaking her head she stepped away. There was only so long she could look into her hazel eyes and not shed tears about her past.


Eye closed she walked form the bathroom to her bedroom by memory. Not that memorizing her tiny one bedroom apartment was hard. Eyes still closed she rummaged through her drawers for an outfit.


She sighed as her eyelid flew open. They didn’t match, again. There were some mental powers that she would love to be able to use without the blinding migraines and appearance change. Fixing the matching issue she donned her yoga pants and top.


Once she’d eaten her breakfast, done five minutes of meditation, and stretched, Ester headed off to the Studio.  It wasn’t long before her bike was parked and locked inside the foyer. In the teacher’s locker room, she pulled out the remainder of her gear; mat, bell, incense, and blankets.


“Did you hear about the Snake strike?” a fellow teach asked as they rode the elevator. “No.” Ester shook her head. Keeping up with the news always gave her migraines.

“Well apparently, she took an original Degas and...”

“She?” Ester interrupted puzzled.

“Yes, Snake Eyes, well I presume it’s a she, she’s got good taste in jewelry though I wonder why she returned it...”

“Enough.” Esther waved her hand as the door opened.


Taking a deep breath Ester walked out, the pure essence of what you might expect from someone taught meditation and Yoga by Tibetan Monks. Early as usual she meditated outside the classroom, waiting for the other teacher to finish. Ester’s students knew better than to ask her questions before class, but she couldn’t help hearing them whisper about Snake Eyes.


As far as Ester could tell the person, she wasn’t going to assign a gender, was amusing themselves Thomas Crown Affair style. So long as no one was hurt, she tried to pay it no mind, even if she’d begun to wonder if Snake Eyes might be like her.


A bit more than ordinary.

The End

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