Marcas Neodróin - In Public

When Marcas walked back into the laboratories kitchen Borkov was already sitting at the bar eating his breakfast, Special K because as he said "He wanted to look good come August". He shoveled the food back as Marcas strolled over to the fridge. It swung open as he approached. There was nothing. "Why do we never have anything in the fridge?..."

Borkov shrugged his shoulders. "I think Mary is going shopping in a while. If you go with her you can choose to buy food for the fridge." The Irishman was not very pleased with the suggestion, but regretfully decided he would go.

Marcas walked back down the corridor toward the bedrooms, trying to avoid the allure of the labs and work. He stalked towards Mary's room. It was the one furthest from the kitchen.

She was a happily married woman until her husband was sadly hit with the news that smoking finally caught up with him. He struggled against the disease for two years, before it engulfed him. She was a broken woman when he passed, but drowned her sorrows in work. When the opportunity arose to take up a permanent twenty four seven job, she jumped on it and never let go.

She was tying her shoelaces when Marcas entered. "I'm joining you. I hope that is alright."

Mary looked slightly surprised. "You mean you are going shopping? In public?"

An anxious look scattered across the man's face. He bravely muttered, "Yes."

Mary smiled and rose from the bed. "That's great, honey. I am going to get the keys for the jeep. How about you wait by it?"

He nodded and left her room, walking towards his so that he could get dressed.


Wearing his typical all black outfit, fitted with a pitch black coat and fiery red glasses, he and Mary strolled towards the entrance to the supermarket. "People will look at you Marcas, but that outfit doesn't help."

She looked him up and down. Not a hint of colour until his sunglasses. "I shall dress how I please. And you know that they look because they are afraid. People shun what they are afraid of." With that a bunch of girls, to the two's left, started giggling as they cautiously jogged away with their eyes focused on the black clad Irishman. Marcas shot a look at Mary but neither said anything else.

The pair were passing by a newsagents when something caught Marcas' eye. "Be right back Mary. You go on without me. I will catch up." She continued on without saying anything and Marcas approached the magazine stand just inside the door. On the front cover three words were scrawled across the cover, acting as a headline.

Snake Eyes Who?

The article seemed to be a conspiracy theory as to who, or what, 'Snake Eyes' is. Marcas decided against buying and reading the article. He swiftly grabbed a "Science Weekly" and paid for it. That was much more down his street.

The vendor gave him a look when he handed over the money, but this was nothing new. Marcas stuck his tongue out at him like a child and walked away. He glanced at his digital Rolex as he began walking after Mary. The face on the watch read 11:52am. Marcas grumbled to himself. "When I see the 'am' with a double digited number, I know it is too early..."

In order to get to the food court of the shopping center one had to pass through the open grass area. It was here that the teenagers always picked as their ground. They acted as if they owned this section of the center. Marcas stalked across the grass, avoiding the unnecessary waving scenic pathway around the grass.

A group of teenage boys that were talking and sitting on the grass instantly recognized the scientist. "Hey look lads, it is the freak." Of course, teenage boys being teenage boys, all erupted out into a chorus of laughter. Marcas marched on, eventually walking parallel to the boys. "Hey, freak. Look at me." Marcas slowly turned his head, his face expressionless.

One of the boys lobbed a half empty glass of coke and ice at him. Marcas raised his eyebrow out of curiosity. The glass, coke and ice simply stopped moving in mid air. They rearranged so that the glass was floating upright, the six pieces of ice were formed in a vertical line and the coke formed a perfect circle in the air.

The scientist could have sworn that more than one jaw dropped. The glass gently fell to the ground. The ice evaporated in front of the eyes of the shocked boys and the coke formed a spherical shape and flew straight at the original launchers face.
After a 'did that seriously just happen' moment from the group, all the boys turned and began laughing at the now wet lad at the back of the pack. Magazine in hand, Marcas walked away, continuing his search for Mary.

The End

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