Grace: The Degas

Grace smiled, disregarding her boredom as her 'friend' talked about her new shoes. Shoes were good, but when the conversation for half an hour was based on them, it made her want to rid the world of high heels, pumps, wedges, sandles, in fact, any of the shoes which Amber Rose Taylor adored. God the girl could talk!

"Amber darling, I have to go. I have a meeting. See you tomorrow?"

"Yes darling, chow." Amber kissed Grace's cheek and then continued her conversation. Grace rolled her eyes as she walked away. She only put up with Amber because she was the daughter of one her late mother's family friends. 

She slid in to her car, slipping off her high heels and throwing them on the seat next to her. Thank god that was over.

The engine purred in to life; an Aston Martin VH Vantage Roadster in cherry red that had caught Grace's eye as she drove past the dealership late last month. It was her. So she'd bought it.

She drove home, and wasted no time in collapsing on the sofa. She closed her eyes.

Bring bring! Bring bring!

"Ahhhhhh! Never a minute alone!" She grabbed the phone."Hello?"

"Grace, you're still coming to the art opening tonight right?"

"Yes Alex, I'm still coming."

"I'm nervous."

"You've worked on this for years, don't be."

"Alright, look I gotta go. See you at eight."


Alex, her ex, owned a large art gallery that had just been re-opened. Tonight was the grand opening. Grace slipped off the sofa and in to her bedroom, opening up the wardrobe. She took out the black cocktail dress, red belt and red wedges she had gotten for the evening and laid them on the bed. She then went to shower.

As she wandered around in her underwear, her eyes kept slipping to the picture on the wall. Perhaps just a sneak peek before getting ready? She slipped her fingers underneath the frame and pulled at the small lever. She heard the clunk at the back of the wardrobe, which is found just next to the picture, and entered the wardrobe. she pushed aside the panel at the back and was confronted by the black leather catsuit, gloves and mask. She stroked the material. It was a pity she would not be able to slip it on tonight. With a sigh she closed the panel again and locked it.


"Alex, the place looks fantastic! In fact, so do you." Grace smiled, a glass of champagne in one hand.

"Thank you. These heels are killing me." Alex looked down at her feet. "You look great."

Grace twirled.

"Thanks. Looks like you're going to make another sale." Grace pointed, and Alex dashed off.

Grace wandered round, reviewing the work. Nothing really jumped out at her. Not even the very expensive, original Degas. It wasn't her favourite of his works. She was just going to head over to Alex again, when suddenly the lights went out. There were a few little shrieks and people scurrying about. And then the lights returned.

The Degas was gone. And on the wall, was a note.

Thanks for the Degas! It'll look great on my wall.


Grace narrowed her eyes. Snake Eyes?

The End

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