Grace Bell/ Snake Eyes


Her father was the leading expert in snakes. Not the most elegant job, but he loved it. When Grace's mother passed away, he took her with him on his adventures, and so from an early age she grew up with the world at her finger tips. Grace had seen Africa, America, Australia, and her favourite of all, India. This was the place she loved; for the heat, the spices, and the animals. She loved the elephants, the tigers, and of course, the snakes. But it was here that her life changed forever.

She should have died, they said. She should never have survived. And yet she did. The cobra had struck, Grace had fallen to the floor, the world had gone dark. And then she'd woken up in hospital, and her life had continued.

Back in England, it was only a matter of time before Grace discovered the changes. The changes that made her move to America, away from the England home which her father had been brought up in, away from his grave. And away from anyone who might notice if she began to act any differently.

America was where her mother had lived. America was the land of oppertunity. The land where you could shine like a star, or disappear from the world. And Grace needed to disappear.

An apartment with a fabulous view. This is where she hides, under the most unlikely face. Grace Bell, the wealthy English woman in America, with shares in major companies and plenty of family money to her name. She couldn't possibly have a secret, not when everyone was in her business. And this is why it is such a good cover.

This is where she hides.



The necklace had caught Snake's eye earlier that day. It was beautiful, one of a kind. Very expensive. Impossible to steal, because you couldn't wear it in public and you couldn't sell it. Everything would lead back to you. You definitely stole it.

But that's what made it so... delicious.

They had left the smallest little window open, clearly too small for a human. But, not for her. She slithered inside, bending so that she could easily fit through the pane. She swung herself on to the bars of the ceiling and climbed over the floor. There would be a lot of security. But then, she didn't mind. It was easy.

As she hooked the necklace round her finger, the alarm was triggered. Snake Eyes held the necklace tightly, climbed back along the bars and slipped out of the window. She ran at the drain pipe on the opposite wall, and climbed. Only when she was several buildings away did she stop. Sirens filled the air, and she watched as police appeared from the building, shaking their heads. She looked down at her gloved hands. Nothing would show. They wouldn't know it was her.

How boring.



"Police officials were stunned to find this morning that the stolen necklace had been recovered. When the owners of this branch of Tiffany's returned to the scene of the crime this morning, the necklace was back in its place. An insider informs us that a message had been left with the necklace, simply stating 'Well, that was no fun. S.E'. I think it's clear to see John that Snake Eyes has been playing her games again. Back to you at the studio."

Grace switched off the t.v and wandered in to the bedroom, bowl of cereal in hand. Time to get dressed and begin another day of building her social status.

The End

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