There's No 'I' in Super.

An action filled whirlwind filled to the brim with superheroes, villains, and their secret identities.

Crimes against humanity have been committed since the earliest days, since before recorded texts. Over the centuries, a few individuals have stood against these disturbers of the peace, and have always prevailed.

Great battles against evil forces have raged across the world; hero versus villain, the good versus the bad. And we have all been witness to these moments in history.

In recent years, the need for heroes has diminished; with humans fighting battles amongst themselves there was no place for those with special powers. But they still exist, performing heroic feats that go unnoticed.

Until now.

Now the world is in crisis once more, as villainous forces rise along with the morally bankrupt and seek to destroy everything we know and love. And every human will raise their eyes to the sky and wish and pray for a miracle, any miracle, to save them from this plight.

And so the heroes emerge, all forces of extraordinary powers, ready to fight for what is right and just.

And better beware those who stand in their way.

The End

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