A Battle

I was in the forest It was much safer here then getting caught on the streets living illegally, and then trying to explain everything else on top.  I had made a make shift house from branches, and some stolen items. It was a little cold but it was nonetheless better than nothing, and would serve me will for the time being.  As I walked though I something faint in the distance of broken glass, I went to investigate wondering. Upon getting closer to an isolated cabin I could here the sounds of fighting, breaking glass, and slamming, and strangely the sound of large beating wings whats going on?

I made my way closer and crouched trying to stay out of sight through a window, with a quick glance I could see a demon and an angel fighting it out. It was easy to tell the demon had the upperhand, but the angel was doing fairly well despite that fact. It also looked apparent that the angel had already suffered previous damage. She blew a great amount of air back forcing not only the demon back but also any loose not tied objects impacted him hard. The demon Swiped his tail violently sending a smaller objects back at the angel, and followed up with such a furious punch it left a hole in the wall. It was lucky the angel had ducked in time. Their battle left the room , and I decided it was probably better that I didn't interfere but that changed as bigger hole was made as the demon went flying backwards the angel following furiously after him.  The demon countered sending the  angel back grinding against the ground.

This hit seemed to have dazed the angel because she was no longer moving, the demon took no notice of me as he walked up readying a finishing blow. a part of me couldn't let it happen while another part of me didn't want to risk my life for something that had nothing to do with me.  It was to late though I could feel the blood pumping through me I could see and hear things so vividly, I ran towards the demon with a considerably powerful punch seeing that  the impact of the punch made him spit blood and slammed through a tree. The demon stood up as if the attack held little effect on him.

"That’s amusing never thought I would run into a halfbreed demon and an angel on the same day."I kept my mouth shut it was far to hard to say anything back and control this state.

"Ah your struggling already to keep yourself in check." He stated with a smile. I rushed forwards with immense speed, he was fairly vulnerable in the front neck area, if I managed to him there It might give me some time to get away from here. I tried to set him up with a swift jab to his jaw he dodged to the left. Good, I kicked him with my left with a powerful swing he jumped back, better.  I rushed again went again for the jaw, he blocked, and grabbed my arm, he tried to flip me but that’s what I wanted I caught him on the neck and landed the ground safely.  I was about to run but suddenly my energy disappeared the world began to blur.

I fell to my knees as the demon stood up, he wasn't looking to good from that blow. I was about to fall on my face when the angel caught my slow moving body and I saw no more.

The End

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