New Epiphany and Reasons Unkown

"Damn It," I mumbled as I stumbled through almost ankle deep snow. It had been a week since the battle,  and absolutely nothing about my condition had improved. Still I had no place to stay, nothing to eat, and no one willing to help me.  As I walked the fact that I was in the freezing cold became more and more apparent. The only things I had on was a thin, small, grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans that I had found on a lawn after a failed garage sale. But it was better than the ripped pajama set that I had on before hand.  Still, the cold penetrated me to the core, leaving me shivering and starting to go into a coughing fit.

I had been walking through the forest almost aimlessly when I heard a sharp grunt.  "Hello, " I said with a heavy cough following, " is anyone there?" I silently stopped to be able to focus my mind, and in doing so cleared my senses so I could try and mentaly see what I physically couldn't.  It was hard at first, but I slowly got a picture in my head. 

It was of a blond-haired youth. He was cute but, I could tell he was probably going through just as much as me. I could also see that he had a completely different reaction to it all. He walked with pain and anger flowing through him. As this youth moved I could see the fact that he was badly wounded as well, as if he had been attacked. I began to wonder if he might have been attacked by the same people that I was. But this broke my concentration and made me lose my image. "No," I said with a small trace of sadness in my voice. It was only then that I also realized that if I had looked at his surroundings, with my extensive knowledge of the island, I probably could have found him. "Wow Addy, your really off it today," I said to myself with a well-deserved face palm.

Coming out of my vision, I looked forward and saw an old house house right in front of me.  I hadn't ever seen this house before, but a slight feeling of desperation, hunger, and exhaustion led me to quickly invesigate. As I silently walked through the open door, I silently wispered, " thank god, oh thank god," at the thought that this may be a place where I could rest. I heard some activity in the kitchen, but I was way too exhausted to care and the moment I found a couch I promptly passed out on it.


With a throbbing head and a roaring stomach, I began to sit up in a slow and sickly manner. "Sweet Christ, I feel crappy," I moaned.  Having done nothing but travel all this time, my hunger and exhaustion was punishing me. I put my pretty much fried mind back together and remembered that I was in some abandoned house, out in the middle of some forest, with nowhere to go.

"Well hello there, sweetheart," I heard from in front of me. I looked up to see a young guy, probably about my age, looking at me with a smug, almost cocky smile.

"Well sleepin' beauty, am I gonna get a response or are you gonna just sit there looking like you just got bum-rushed?" 

"Well," I began, still feeling horrible, " hi, I'm Adrasteia Gretel, but just call me Addy."

He looked at me with an amused smirk that was already beginning to annoy me and said, " good start, now, would you please explain why you're here?"

A cherry-red blush quickly came across my face once I realized the situation I had put myself in. I mean, the poor guy probably walked into his own home and expected to be able to relax, only to find some kid passed out across his couch.

"Well, I can explain, I mean, I-I wasn't going to steal or anything like that. I just needed somewhere to sleep..." I said, with the embarrassment starting to grow. "I'm really sorry mister, I'll just show myself out."

  With a heavy blush I began to walk towards one of the doors when I realized that I had forgotten which door I came in through in the first place.

"Um mister... which way is out?"

He already had a smile across his face that read "Wow, really?" with heavy sarcasm. Now I heard a light chuckle come from him.

"It's over to your right," he said, trying hard not to laugh.

He walked over, I thought to make sure I left. But instead, once I opened the door, he pushed it backed close with his right hand.

"Wait, wait little lady, stay for a while, " this guy said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I mean it's really cold out there and you don't seem to have anywhere to go..."

I was in a very compromising position at this point. He had me now leaning against the door, his right arm blocking me from moving into the hall, with him leaning towards me with a flirty smile.

"Well, I-I really need to leave..."

"Oh please don't," he said while leaning closer to me "I don't like the idea of you all alone out in the cold." 

"Please, let me go," I said with annoyance clear in my voice.

I then looked into his eyes and I noticed something, something unnatural...  something inhuman.

"What if I don't mind the cold?"

"What if I don't care?"

"Well then," I said while making sure I was in a good position, "how about I help you learn to care?"

With that statement, two modest sized, yet strong wings appeared from my back.  I gave them a heavy flap that created a strong enough wind to push him back. Although I would have rather had him knocked down, I was happy with any opening to escape. I quickly opened the door, only to hear a growl and to see him appear in feet in front of me.

His now red eyes settled on me with an arrogant look and a smirk."It's oh so very sweet of you to show me your true self, you cute little angel you, hows about I do the same."   

Two horns showed from his hair and what I thought was a belt now showed to be a long fall-hazard of a tail. With a smile I couldn't believe my luck. I had just gotten out of one pretty damn bad situation, and now I was in another, and with a demon no less!But having already started this fight, I felt like I had to finish it.

I let out a sigh and said, "let's get this unnecessary beat down over with."

"Ladies first," he said with a mocking bow.

Just for that, I'm going to kick his ass.


The End

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