Leonard: Entering the Human World

The gate closed behind me, leaving mushy, melting snow to freeze my bare feet. I shivered against the cold wind, already regretting my choice of a mortal-like form. I took in my surroundings, I was in a wooded area but I could see a town nearby. It didn't take me long to break into a shop and find some cloths. I did run into problems with law enforcement but they were easy enough to overpower. I returned to the forest where I'd entered this world. The melted snow had turned to slippery ice, it's shiny, white surface easily hiding the tell-tale markings of a demonic gate.

I explored the woods further and found a frozen lake and nearby was an abandoned house. Inside it was a complete mess and the smell suggested someone had died here. Properly someone old and alone. It didn't take me long to find the old lady and bury her. Just because I was a demon, there was no need to disrespect the dead I thought as I began the job. Once that was done it just a case of tidying the house. Many others in hell had thought me odd for wanting to create a life in the human world. But I could never find anything worthwhile below. So I figured there might be something better here. After I cleared out the worst of the rubbish and gone-mouldy food I checked the cupboard to see what this old lady had. And apparently she had extremely good taste in whiskey.


When I opened my eyes the next day it was to a horrible, throbbing headache.

Ugh, you'd think being a demon would at least mean no hangovers” I moaned as I stood up, feeling an onslaught of vertigo. I rushed to the bathroom to empty my stomach and then went to wash my mouth. But just before I turned on the tape I heard movement downstairs. I narrowed my eyes and walked downstairs quietly, moving from the hallway into the kitchen. I'd left a window open and could see a snowy foot trail leading from the kitchen into the living room. Of all the things I expected to find, a young women asleep on the sofa was not one of them. She'd moved in her sleep, murmuring something.

I frowned, no idea what to do in this situation. I decided to just leave her there and find something to help my headache. When she woke up I'd deal with her and send her out of my house, unless she had an extremely good reason for being here.

The End

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