I live soulfully for survival and revenge

Damian Shadowblade

The cold winter night had brought many of the people who lived on the streets to the ultimate sorrow. However I would not falter, i have not come this far to be die bleeding in the snow. No I had to bring those who were guilty to their knees then I will cut down them down. They made me into an avenger, and I will live for that purpose. However the state of my mind was nowhere compared to the state of my tired body, I held my left arm around a wound that was still bleeding, staining the snow as I struggled to keep moving forwards. My eyesight was blurring, and the pain of my broken right arm began to numb as the cold air wrapped itself around me numbing all senses.

"Just look forward Damian, never look back, and don't let anger drive you!"  I heard the comforting voice of my older brother who sacrificed himself for me. I couldn't let the anger go. They took everything from me, they even tried to take my life.  All I could do was look forward. Forwards towards my revenge, I stumbled forwards into the snow, but managed to pick myself up. I could see a shelter up ahead. I should be fine by morning. I pushed further with the last of my energy and managed to roll under some debris shielding me from the snow. With little hesitation I wrapped myself up in my jacket and let sleep take a hold of me.

By early morning my wound had stopped bleeding and the effects of accelerated healing where taken effect. My right arm was still broken but it had far more mobility then it did yesterday.

Anger flowed through me, like current of hot lava, I needed to keep my whereabouts hidden, I needed to get stronger, and most of all I needed to survive. I got up pain surging throughout my tired body, but there was no more time to rest, every minute I could keep going was a minute closer to my goal. Outside of the small pile of debris I called home for night was a cold, dark and cruel morning. It had stopped snowing for the time being but the wind was very punishing against the skin. Each time time it blew it felt as they your skin was being sliced open by thousands of blades.  I turned to the right there used to be a emergency stockpile of supplies about 3 miles from my far from cozy hide out. Whether it actually had anything was a different question but it was the only option I had.

"Don't look back!"  I heard his voice again.

"I will make them pay brother I promise." I close my cursed blue eyes moving aside the pain in my soul for the time being.

The End

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