There's a good reason I'm alive, I just haven't figured it out...

Hi! This is my first story on the site and I'm on excitement level LUCKY STAR (look it up.) Anyways... this story is a collab that you guys can help me with. Here are the rules:
send me a message to tell me your in. Once I have at least three people or Oct 21 rolls around (whichever comes first I'll set up a cycle that will determine when each of us will write a chapter. The chapter can be as long or short as wanted. No limit on profanity or violence. I have the first chapter set up. Contac

With mom and dad now dead what do I do now? And because of Joran I have no one else left either. Well, no one else who cares about me or wants to be around me anyway. All of my friends left me after the near destruction of our city. The Mayoreds, a family that pledged us "undying loyalty and love as if we were members of their own family." After the grand fight between me and my enemies, and the subsequent sacrifice of my mother and father lives, I quickly went to their home looking for solace and a safe have for my newly scared mind. But once I arrived, I was shocked into a bleak, dark, and depressing reality. Their father Henford Mayored came to the door, at first with a smile, but then it slowly changed into a angry and annoyed frown.

"What do you want," he said with an angry gruff voice, "come on, I don't have time for this!"

"I'm s-sorry Uncle b-but I really need somewhere to stay."
It was a cold snowy night, and I was in ripped up thin pajamas. I felt like I would freeze to death if they didn't let me in.

"You little changeling , I don't want you to ever come near my house again, you hear me!"

"B-but why, why are you treating me this way!?"

I looked up and I saw the other members of the family.  The beautiful, loving, and compassionate wife Esme, the lovely, vibrant, daughter Carrie-Ann, the caring, teddy bearish, son Emmett. I felt hope, hope that they would overrule Henford, hope that they would take me in, hope that I would have a new family. And what did i get for that hope you may ask? Nothing but stinging, bitter, silence. The smile that had slowly come across my face, even more slowly faded away as I realized the truth. I didn't want to do it but something in me said I had to, that I had to see their true emotions. Finally summoning enough strength, I looked into their eyes. What I saw made me realize that I was alone in this, that I wasn't going to have that fairytale that I was hopeing for. I saw abandonment. I saw anger. I saw hatred. I saw no love, no care. I saw that I had been declared an untouchable, ostracized, and would never be welcomed again.

"W-why... I thought... why..." I studdered in shock, trying to mentally comprehend this sudden abandonment.

"Never again," Henford said with hatred, "you aren't welcome here ever again."

He then slammed the door in my face leaving me shocked and alone in the freezing weather. After a few more minutes standing at their door, a dreadful feeling came over me. It was sadness, hatred, fear, loneliness, emptiness, all mixed together in a melancholy stew. I looked away from the doorway, back the way I came only to see that the cold and snowfall had increased to near blizzard-like conditions. At only ten years old, I clearly saw that my life would never be the same. And also that just like the path that I had to walk now, my path in life was barely visible, unclear, and winding.

The End

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