2- 1000 gold is a lot of money. We're gonna have to earn itMature

The innkeeper stared wordlessly for a moment at the Half-Orc, then nodded and drew up the drink from a large oak barrel from behind the bar, setting it down and looking from the dark eyes of his new patron to the coin purse, flitting between the two nervously. 

"Shall I just...er...that will be...3 coppers...sir."

The mountain of a creature looked at the human with disinterest, then shifted his weight to reach for the purse, his belongings creaking and groaning in warning as they began to tilt. The innkeeper, looking up at the pile swaying dangerously close to toppling out, takes the purse and quickly hands it back to the Half-Orc.

"On second thought, i'll just open a tab for you, shall I sir?"

Blinking a few times, the newcomer grunts an affirmative and tosses the coin purse up into the air, letting it land amongst the pile of his possessions with a soft "clink!" Sighing quietly with relief, the innkeeper pushes the drink forward and begins cleaning a glass behind the bar, giving the rest of the crowd a quick glance. Most of the patrons seated throughout the bar were regulars; either they lived in the inn or in the nearby areas. Some still stared in wonder at the wheelbarrow strapped to the Half-Orc's back, but for the most part many of them had turned back to their conversations, the subject having turned to this newest visitor. One man in a small dark corner, however, did not share the wonder or curiosity of the room. It seemed he had hardly even noticed anything strange at all. 

From under a wide brimmed hat, Jamven stared into his drink, slowly swirling it around in his mug. With a quick motion, he downed what was left of the drink and stood, tossing a coin onto the table. Walking up to the bar, he signals to the innkeeper who takes a few steps over to him.

"All done for the day then?" the innkeeper asks him, still eyeing the massive creature.

Jamven nods. "I have business to attend to today Yensen, I can't spend all day in this seedy tavern getting drunk on your piss-brew and lining your pockets, now can I?"

The innkeeper laughs and nods. "No we can't have that, now can we. Thats a silver piece for the damage you did to my stock today."

Jamven nods and places a single silver coin into the innkeepers hand with a smile, then walks back to his table and pulls on a worn black duster, tips his hat at the bar, and walks out, smiling at the weight of the coin purse in his pocket he had lifted off of the beast. So kind of that thing to pay for my drinks, he thinks to himself with a quiet chuckle as he walks out the door. 

The End

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