Sleet: Media, and TortaMature


I stand perfectly still as my body becomes energy particles enabling them to send me anywhere. It all disappears and then I find myself standing in a pod a glass sheet protecting me from an oversized crowd of reporters , and robots.  The glass begins to slide up. I erased the look of panic on my face and walked out of the pod. I took a quick look for an escape route. None crap. 

" Sleet Renald thats your name right?" I hear distinctive shout over the crowds. I knew all of this was being broadcasted and wasn't sure wether I should talk to them or not.  Well if I ever wanted them to go away without a fuss it will be better of if I talk.

" Um yeah , thats me."  I say

" Can please tell us happened the day the Velvet princess disapeared?"  That was a stupid question it was  obviouse it was shot by pirates. I desepearatly wanted to say an evil space bunny with technology beyond belief attacked us and we didn't stand a chance as thier lazer  teeth pierced the hull. We barely fought it off, but before it left it warned us that there was more.  Of course that would be funny and all but it would be lieing.

" Well just before the ship engaged into a light drive, pirates shot our communications array and hit our main engines. Afterwards the boarded the ship killing most of the passengers and crew but a few of us managed to pick up weapons and fight for our lives. Once we managed to fight them off. It became a long winded chase they shot they Princess up and we had to resort to escaping into pirate space."That last bit probably sounded stupid but they had covered the escape out to protected space.

They continued to barrage me with questions till the point it all came out of me quickly, and once it was doen I was relieved to get a trip down to earth. It was private and completly automated. The view of earth was abosultely fantastic but I was dissapointed it had no snow on it. Then a hologram screen floats in front of me and begins to report on me first. 

" No ,no please something else." I ask which I'm glad it doese change.  It showed a picture of my homplanet a little larger than earth and still had snow.  I allow audio to be turned on.

" Only two weeks ago Torta was attacked by a faction and taken over no survivors where left behind. Then only yesterday did the androids blow it up to extract minerals , and energy." My heart sank , I had seen to much death as it was now everything I once knew was gone.My familiy my old life. I kept the tears in ,but I couldn't possibly hide my grief on my face.  The transport stops, and I get off to be met by the school board officials. I got off noticing how light I felt on earthern soil. My parents told me that I would feel three times lighter I though they where just trying to jerk me around I didn't think the difference would be that much.  Thinking about my familiy brought me down further.

" Why didn't tell about Torta?" I ask and they're faces fell.

" We wanted to tell you under better circumstances." The officials replies, " Come one you are going to see the school grounds , and your schedule. We are sorry for your loss."

The End

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