May : Paper!?Mature


Snow, Darren and I were walking home, eating our ice cream. We'd laughed for a long time about His Royal Pain. Snow had plenty of dirty details on him.

"He used to play with Puni Unicorns! He'd have them all over his room! And not the manly silver or brown ones, oh no, the little white ones with colourful hair! I definitely thought he was going to be a girl!" I clutched my stomach with the hand that wasn't occupied with ice cream. Our entire walk we'd been hearing stories like this! It was so marvelous!

"You're. . . joking!" gasped Darren between giggles.

"I swear!" defended Snow.

"I believe you!" I cried, hoisting up my ice cream.

"What's that for?" Snow pointed at my raised frozen treat.

"I'm . . . not sure," I smiled pleasantly and resorted to just eating my ice cream.

We walked along the street way, cars zipping by on top of us. The neon lights everywhere shone happily and store owners had their holograms set up in front of their stores that greeted you happily. There was water on the street, which meant that something must've exploded because it didn't rain anymore.

"Hey, look at this!" said Snow. She picked up a piece of materiel off the boardwalk. There was something printed on it. "It's paper! Oh my gosh!" Darren gasped and I reached out to feel it.

"It is paper!" There hadn't been paper on earther for centuries! This was amazing. Snow twisted it in her hands and I saw some writing on the back. "What does it say?"

"Something about a danc-"

"No! On the back!" I took it from her hands and flipped it over. Darren and Snow read over my shoulder.


"What the hell?" asked Darren.

"I don't know, but let's go back to," I paused and looked at Darren, he nodded, knowing we couldn't go to my house, "Darren's house and look at it more carefully." Snow hadn't noticed the little glance Darren and I had exchanged.

"Okay!" she said cheerily, and we set off for Darren's house, more writing appearing on the paper with every step.

The End

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