Alice : The FlyerMature


What? No skiing!? I thought. Well that was just perfect. Talyn and I left the classrom.

"Well that sucks, eh?"

"Yup, well we can do free running, not the extreme stuff though. Unless you have something else in mind."

"Well, the rain is kind of pissing me off, so why don't we do something inside? Wait! Idea!" I pulled out a flyer I'd picked up around school. "It's paintball, indoors, but it's like an old building. We could free run in there!" I folded the page back up and slipped it in my back pocket, satisfied with my handiwork.

"Sure, why not?" We left the school, I was sad to see no more screeching girls, and went to the bus stop on the corner.

"So, you have to wait two years for University, right?" I asked him.

"Well, that's what they're telling me. I think I should be able to just go right in!" The bus pulled up and we stepped on, grabbing two seats at the back.

"True, your IQ is probably higher than half the students you'd be going into courses with," he laughed. "Then again, if you left, Unis might come after you," I bit my toungue to hold back laughter and Talyn glared at me.

Unis was a girl from our school who'd been in love with Talyn since the first day of grade 9. Sure, she was kind of nice, but she wasn't exactly a pretty picture . . . or sound. She had blonde hair that resembled hay sticking out all around her head and her skin was so pale that it seemed translucent. She wore clothing with unicorns and butterflies on it, and if she didn't have a chest, she'd look exactly like one of my little sister's three year old friends.

"Don't even talk about her," Talyn rubbed his temples in frustration. He'd been fighting her off for a long time, even when he was out of school. It was like she popped up in random places.

We got off the bus, and standing on the corner was no other than Unis!

"Unis!" I called, dragging Talyn over to him. Her eyes bulged and she panted at him.

"H-hi Talyn! What are you doing today, I mean here, I mean right now?" she stuttered nervously.

"I'm going . . . somewhere," he replied.

"Why are you here, Unis?" I asked her.

"I'm handing out flyers! Here, take one!" I picked one off the top, said good-bye to Unis and Talyn and I made our way towards the indoor paintball arena. I read over the flyer. It looked like it was just about a dance or something.

"Thanks for that," said Talyn, he clapped me on the back and I tripped a little, the flyer dropping from my hands and into a puddle. 

"Good job! Now the flyer's wet dummy!" I picked it up and shook it off, but it seemed different, and not just because it was wet. I looked at the front again, no difference. I flipped it over and there it was.


I looked at Talyn, "That wasn't there before," I said.

"Sure it was!"

"No! Look! There's more appearing now! What is this?" I gaped at the paper, Talyn and I squinting for the next clue on what this was. 

The End

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