Sleet: Can I go now?Mature

I reluctantly handed the Earth forces my weapons no, I mean my equipment. To me it it was more than a weapon it saved my life , even with a few modifications started fires and kept me warm.  The earth defence ship was well lit and warm and didn't have this lingering smoke and dry stinky air.  Two soldiers walked rigidly behind me , I could understand the security measures but felt that these guys didn't have to be so seriouse. I'm brough to what I would call a detention area which was kindly labeled visitors comfort , and guidance area. Yeah um, right they had no seats and forwhater reason it lookied highly unappealing, still much better than the current condition of the Velvet Princess.

I walk into an empty computer slot the door locks firmly behind me.  I follow the directions I get scanned. A blood sample is taken,  my retina's are scanned then i'm asked a few questions. I was asked if I carry anymore Identification.

" How can I possibly carry anymore Identification you took blood samples scanned my bodies even the good ole retina scan. What do you think I carry a flipping passport thats old stuff. We do have tags now!" I rant as the computer confirms it indeeed Sleet Renalds a boy off an outter rimmed planet with a earth gravity times 3,and went missing along with the Velvet Princess a month ago.  The computer Deactivates and I walk out with proof i'm not a pirate.  The soldiers take me out and give the papers to their superior officer.

" Kid the Captian has invited you all to a dinner to hear your tale through pirate space." 

" uh can I just get to earth. I'm sure the two captians can discuss that , and I know you guys have long distance teleportation. Just send me to the station above earth they should be able to receive me."

" Oh, I see what your trying to do avoid the media. Sorry they already heard."

" How?"

" We have plants."

" That sucks. Well I still want to get to earth faster."

" Alright , if thats what you want. Follow me this might take five minutes tops."

The End

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