Alice : Rain, Rain, Go AwayMature

I grab my backpack from my locker, shamming my books into it and swinging it over my shoulder. I loudly shut my locker with my foot and hurry from the school, hoping for some sushine. When the doors open and the air hits my face, I'm greeted by girlish shrieks and rain drops. I bite my toungue in order to refrain from laughing at the many girls screaming at their wet hair. One girl is wearing a white top and there is a crowd of hollering guys around her. I roll my eyes and pull a rain jacket out of my bag, zipping it up tight and putting on the hood. Ahh, waterproof goodness.

"Talyn!" I call the the boy standing under the Pine tree on the school lot. He doesn't go to my school, technically. He's the same age as me, and yet he's already graduated while I'm in Gr. 10. I waved and ran over to him, my converse becoming slightly soaked, but not as badly as the stupid girls in sandals. I couldn't control it anymore, by the time I got to Talyn, I burst out laughing.

"Hey Alice, what is it?"

"Look at them! They look like drowning rats! Idiots! It's just a little rain," as I said that the heavens opened up and cries filled the air. All I could do was laugh. Once I'd caught my breath, I looked at Talyn. "So, no skiing then today?"

"Guess not, stupid global warming,"

"Amen to that!" he shot me a funny look but I just smiled. I had really wanted to go skiing today, but I guess idiotic green house gases and global warming weren't on my side, they prefered to play the cruel game of puppet and puppeteer. I watched girls run into cars or back into the school, all the while imagining how they'd survive without a straightener. "So, you been running?"

"Yeah, I went today," Talyn had introduced me to free running. I'd immediately feel in love with it. We'd known each other since gr. 6, even though he was in gr. 8. He'd only introduced me to it a few weeks ago, but I was slowly getting better.

"Any marks?"

"Nope! Got out without a scratch! Come on, we should go meet Mr. Murphy inside, bastard's probobaly not going to come out in this weather," I laughed and followed Talyn  inside, awaiting Mr. Murphy's plans for today, if he even ahd any.

The End

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