Fire & WaterMature

The ship descended on the flat pad of ocean  that it had created. Fahrenheit led the first wave of troops onto the sea, he was out onto the rolling seas with one hand on the hoverbike's throttle and the other holding a ThermoKatana. Fahrenheit saw the machine-gunners on the platform, preparing for attack, preparing for him. He saw a perfect wave, turned, detonated a grenade on the crest to catapult him onto the platform.

Thank God for concussion shields, he thought. Fahrenheit cut a soldier of the ocean planet in two, cutting through the soldier and the machine gun like butter. A woman came out of an airlock door with a Kannigan crest on her shoulder. Kannigan? How did... he thought.  The woman fired a bolt of ice at him. He ducked and was going to attack until he heard the solier behind him die. Fahrenheit looked back and put his sword at his side.

"ALL SOLDIERS END COMBAT__ VICTORY___" the computer voice of his helmet said.

The End

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