The lightening shoots down from the sky, heading straight for us. "JUMP!" Gab screams as he pulls me overboard.

We drop, like apples from the kitchen side, into the harshly cold ocean. The ship booms into silence, Gab pulls my shocked body through the water, he grabs hold of some wood, pushing me and then him onto it. He clambers on next to me, as the sea takes us in other directions.


The beats down on me, turning my eyelids a glowing red, my skin aches and as I yawn, my skin screams. My arm reaches weakly up and rubs, they collapse in exhausion next to me. Taking a deep breath my push myself up on my elbows, and survey the landscape.

The sea glistens before me, white sands cushion around me, my brother an unconcious ball asleep next to me. I push myself up, my legs weak under my body. Slowly, I manage to get to the water, I look down and see my face all red and blotchy. Oh... Bloody hell...

The End

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