Fahrenheit 3o10Mature

Fahrenheit watched his best friend fall, arms flailing, into the gravity well. The stray bullet was a fact of life, nothing different, but... This? Fahrenheit saw it all, unmistakable... The bullet was fired after the gravity well opened and hit his Gravitational Equalizer, knocking it out, and he was helpless against the pull of the old secret weapon. Fahrenheit cut a soldier robot in two. Androids. They can't fight like a man, only use the textbook dodge-hit combat. And, somehow, Remorse is still dead, he thought. He threw a fireball at a bot, vaporizing it. The well closed, And a small box landed at Fahrenheit's feet. He picked it up and put it into a tele-stor pocket in his suit.

"What was that?" the voice of a MechSuit asked into his helmet. A glowing bolt of plasma hit the mech in the cockpit, and it fell limp to the ground. A traditional bullet hit Fahrenheit in the ear. He fell to the ground, yelling. Fahrenheit got up and pressed eight buttons on his wrist. The building to his west exploded.

The End

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