Sleet: Space trashMature

Now I would love to say my life is normal but it isn't well not until I get to school anyways. This trip to earth should have only taken a couple of days, but well lets say its  a month ,and supposedly if the captian got the coordinates right.We should be there in three days. He said that last week though, "Stupid pile of space tra..!:

Bang! The hull shuders I can hear folding and bending metal.  Every time that happens  I remember my first experience with pirates.  

A month ago

The first quarter of the trip was like any normal flight from an outter rimmed planet , but it quicly dettiorated into something you would see in a virtual world. Several  shots breach the outter interior of the hull shaking the ship. The captian instantly got on the screens and in one brief moment told us that our communication array was destroyed. Then the screens went black never to be turned on agian. The ship took more hits, afterwars we where boarded.  Absolutley everyone who stood in the pirates way was killed.  I eluded the pirates until a small impact on the ship sent me sprawling across a room.  Immediately they all crowded around me, pointing there weapons down upon a 16 year old school boy.

One cocked his gun and put directly agianst my chin. A stupid idea of courage ran through my head. An idea that saved my behind.  I kick the the guy in the back of the leg. His gun falls into my hand seconds before all hell breaks loose. I take few lucky shots dropping a few pirates. Before I know it a few armed crew members barrel through the door taking the rest.

Back to 3010

And thats how I became a pirate avoiding 16 year old kid who carries a pulse pistol at his hip at all times, along with a rapid fire pulse rifle or RFPR , and of course being a bit of nut about flame swords I had to wear one of those on my back. I walk through the dark rubble filled hallways.  The ship is really dark half the lighting is either overloaded or cut off from the generator the other half well is operational but has been cut off to allow more power for thrust.  If there is any lighting it either comes from an important computer console or its made by some chemical reactions.  

I walk onto the bridge which is a mess of wires , and smoke lingered in the air. Several mechanics working on variouse broken consoles. The crew consisted of me , a captian , 4 lazy passengers, 17 crew members, and that was it all in all 22 people on a slowly dieing ship.

"  You said we are close to earth their can't be pirates in this space!"   I yell at the captian who was trying to make our space trash fly straight.

" Shut up! Get a suit on and get on one the newly attatched turrets!" He barks.

" There is no ammunition for it!"  I reply as the ships shakes again. 

" Hull breach!" The a female computer voice whines, " Bording party, have fun." 

I check my RFPR then readjust my variouse mismatching pieces of armour , and run to meet them for my biggest , and most pleasant surprise ever.   I take cover by a wall and scope put the enemy to see well uniformed men with new equipment and a giant earth on the chest. In joy I let my assualt rifle drop and shout in joy.

" Yes, Yes! I made it alive the pirates never got me!" I yell  making sure not to jump in front of the soldiers.

" What?" I hear a murmur from the soldiers.  I get on a make-shift radio device.

" Captian we are saved its earth soldiers they thought we be pirates."  I hear shouts of joy on the other end. I bring my attentention back to the soldiers.

" This is the the Velvet Princess a ship that disapeared a month back. My name is Sleet Renalds, i'm 16 years old and damm happy you are here." I say my hands up.

The soldiers look surprised, and I looked like a I was in desperate need of a shower.

" Your going to hate the media more than pirates kid, That is, if your telling the truth." A soldier grins.

The End

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