Snow - LaughingMature

I burst out laughing. "God, No. I be curse if I his sister" I say using posh language but mocking it at the same time.

We all begin to laugh.

"I come from an off planet called Midnight" I say smiling.

"Oh, that place is beautiful. Remember May we went there thanks to my parent for a couple of nights" Darren says turning to May.

"Yeah, you richy" She says hitting him playfully. I find myself laughing happily.

"So why were you so scared when you saw him?" May asks. I blush bright red and look down at my hands in my lap.

I move my rollerblades against the floor. "He was a suitor...... he asked for my hand.... personally" I mumble.

"No way..... what happened?" May gasps.

"I turned him down" I mumble.

Then there laughing and unluckily just as he walks through the door. Richard. Prince of the off planet Rion. Yuck!

I look away from him. Even though I clearly just gave him the cold shoulder he smiles and walks over.

"Hey, Snow how are-"

I flip him off and he sighs. "Still upset over old happenings"

"Still the same self centered, attention seeking moron" I say smiling. Darren and May watch in shock.

I mean this is not royalty behaivior.

Richard smiles barring his teeth. "I see you have not changed in the slightest"

"Neither you which comes as great disapointment"

I flick my hair back and fake at little wave. "Toodles" I say smiling.

He turns on his heels and marches off. I look at May and Darren and we burst out laughing.

"You got guts girl" Darren says shoving me playfully.

The End

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