Snow - Oh noMature

We were walking down the hallway. Both of them had a lot of interest in my life.

They ask me why I liked the style I wore. What type of Off Planet was I from. It was really fun.

I kept a secret though. My parents in there posh life style isn't that simple..... yes, they still live Off Planet.

I'm the only one out of my seven siblings to come here. I'm the eldest as well. Okay, here goes........ I'm heir of an Off Planet.

Yeah, I said it in my head but can I say it to them. Not so sure yet.

"Oh no" I stop dead in my tracks.

"What?" May asks. She follows my line of sight. "Oh, his royal pain"

"Yeah, bit of a show off even though he's only second eldest" Darren adds. I turn on my heels and head down another hall skating quickly.

"Hey!" May shouts.

"Wait up!" Darren Calls. They run after me but I don't stop till we're in our next class room.

"Are you okay?" May asks.

"No" I mumble.

"Do you know him or something?" May asks. I sigh and slump into a seat both of them sitting either side of me.

"If I tell you something will you promise not to treat me different" I ask looking at them.

"Sure" They both say. They lean closer.

"I'm Heir of an Off Planet"

"What?!?" they hiss but luckily they keep there voices low not attracting attention.

The End

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