Morgan: StormMature

 The storm rages around, idiotic I know, sailing the seas in storm season. That is where the fun lies I suppose.

"Morgan! Nail it! NAIL IT DOWN!" My father screams from the other side of the boat, as water jumps over trying to capture him.

"FATHER!" I scream, starting for him. Remembering myself, I grab a hammer and run to him, jumping over drowned shipmates. My long arm wraps around the damaged sail pole, my other arm reaches out to him. "Hold it, Papa! Hold on!" my voice is coarse from screaming and yelling orders, and it laps back to my old tone.

He reaches towards me, a tidal wave of water towers over him, pulling him into the depths of the water. "NO!" I scream lunging towards him, an arm entwines around my thin waist pulling me back.

"Don't do it Morgan, he's gone! Morgan!" My brother Gabriel yells in my ears. My dark hair whips around me they are sodden ropes now.

I look up just as lightening strikes down.


My life has not always been like this. Oh no, I use to live in the English countryside, my mother and father - who I had to call 'Mama' and 'Papa.' I was the youngest daughter, set off for high awakenings; I was the talk of the town, the envy in other girls' eyes.

I had it all, beauty, wealth and the brains not to speak out. That was of course, until highwaymen ransacked them, they murdered them all, my mother and my sisters. We were back at the home, unaware a little later; it was just three weeks later that my father brought this ship and decided to sail in them for the rest of our lives...

The End

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