Talyn: Free running.Mature

" Tayln if you fall , and....."  My Moms voice is cut short as the elevator door closes.

I'm heading to the top of the office building and what my mom is worried about is my risky parkour habit, or free running whatever you fancy to call it. Now sure falling from the top of an office building I would certainly die, but I've got the route down pat and have been doing it the last few months I could fail. The elevator stops , and I open a metalic door to stand on a roof top of a building the wind was blowing quite hard . I do up my smoot soft material jacket to have less drag on the wind.

I break into run looking straight ahead it looked like a drop. I jumped a meter ahead of the ledge. I turn in the air to grab the ledge I don't slip my body readjust acordingly and swings  onto the wall. I let to only drop a foot onto a  meter and a half of ledge space. So far my movements are quite a smooth as I like them.  I roll to the right and rise to my feet I run and the time fearlesst jump onto  abandonned  building that was souly created of pavement all the window where broken it was empty a perfect place for parkour.  I look below I see traffic and cars all 20 stories below.

The adrenaline pumping through my blood seemed to slow the time down what was only 3 second felt like 20. It was beautiful in a dangerous way.  One mistake I die , i'm might be arrogant and an overconfident moron to say this but I beleive that I can't mess that up , not in my current physical state.  My feet hit the lower building I push my body forward to make sure I won't fall back.Sybolically I never look back while I free run. Atleast to me it was a symbol time moves one way and thats forwards, don't look back if you do you fall. Now was the easier part. I go into the empty buiding and  run across boards , and planks , ocaasioanly forging my own path . Sliding on side ways slabs of concrete and wall riding. It takes me less then ten minutes to reach the bottom.  No falling not a scrape.

The End

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