Italian PeopleMature

I heard small wheels behind me and waited for them to pass before I looked at who was coming. I saw Darren's eyes widen before she passed.

"What?" I whispered, then I saw her. She was dressed like us! and she had . . . oh my gosh! I hadn't seen roller blades in real life before! They must be old, or hand made.

"Hey! I like your style girl," I called to her. She turned and her spikey black hair waved around her head. She was skinny, but not so much that she looked like there was a vaccuum inside her.

"Come sit with us," said Darren, reaching behind him and swinging a chair over for the girl. She skated over and sat down. Her name was Snow. After we'd introduced ourselves Darren said,

"Why Snow?"

"Cause I can do this," she put her hand around Darren's glass of pop and it froze.

"Wow! You're from Off Planet!" she nods and orders something from an italian waiter. This was why I loved eating in Italy, there was so much to look at! I'm talking about the men of course. The waiter was buff and tan. Tall, Dark and Handsome in a nutshell. I smiled at him as he walked away.

"I love Italy," I said.

"Me too," Darren knew exactly what I was talking about and he thought the same thing. he was starring at one of the female waitresses who was wearing a tight black mini skirt and a tight white top. I could practically see him undressing her with his mind.

"It's so beautiful! All the old buildings and stuff,"

"We were talking more about the, er, people," said Darren, smiling. I pointed to Snow's waitor who was coming back with his food.

"That is definitely good too," she smiled. We laughed and ate, asking Snow questions about where she was originally from and she asked us questions about school. This was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The End

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