Great, I heard them laughing at the word Snow.

I stayed back. I was gonna go sit with them. I was new to the school. I felt so lonely when I saw everyone sitting in groups and there discust at my simple outfit.

I skate down the italian road. Not in those high tech hover skates everyone gets, just normal roller blades.

I could have the high tech one's if I wanted (Not that I'd need them). My Mum and Dad try so often to try and pull me into there posh life style but I always refuse.

"Hey" I turn. Oh my gosh the girl called me. "Like your style girl" she says smiling. I smile back shrugging.

I shrug back. My short hair is cut short below the jaw and is all spikey. My eyes are a blazing flames of blue and violet. I'm short and have thin limbs. Don't mistake that for my strenght though.

"Come sit with us" says the boy. I smile skating over and sitting down.

"Hey" I say. "I'm.... Snow. I just started at the same school as you today"

"Cool, I'm May"

"I'm Darren" He nods smiling. "Why Snow?"

"Cause I can do this" I put my hand round his glass and the liquid inside freezes.

Power over earth, fire, air and water..... water being my strongest.

"Wow, you're from of planet" May says smiling at me.

I nod. "I think I'll order something" I say. Then get a waiter over and order a garden salad.

I think I'm going to enjoy it at this school.

The End

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