Then, Now and ForeverMature

What if we're not the only ones. I don't mean in our Universe, I mean that there are parallel universes that are happening at the exact same time. The same things are happening, except in different time periods.
Then, Now and Forever.

"In 2010, speculations of the haunting 2012 apocalypse rang loud and clear through the population of the world," a loud snore rippled through the dark classroom. "Darren! Sit up!" The boy beside me, my best friend, banged his head against his desk in surprise and looked at the large holographic screen.

"Sorry sir," he looked at me, smiling his goofy smile. I rolled my eyes and went back to doodling on my computer. My pen swooshed over the screen, barely touching it.

"May, what kind of computers did they have in 2010?"

"Slow ones?" I said. "Piles of shit? I don't know!" I whispered to Darren. He slammed his hands over his mouth in order to stop from laughing.

"Yes. . . and,"

"They were mostly macs and pc's, slow operating and small minded. They didn't have much disk space and they ran feeble processes compared to our Delta's today," I sighed. I hated being smart. It sucked! Dr. Thompson always knew how to draw it out of me.

"Thank you,"


Well the bell finally rang to signal the end of history, I ran from the room, my old-style skinny jeans and button up shirt making a lot of noise. No one except for Darren and I wore this type of clothing anymore. Everyone wore either practically nothing or freaking Itso Bear suits! Poor itso bears, they'd only been around for a century or so and already they were almost extinct!

"So, lunch then?" asked Darren, catching up to me. His browny-red hair shimmered in the false sunlight that they pumped into the school.

"I guess so," sighing I went to my locker, emptied my books and walked to the cafeteria. Nobody usually walked these days, but I couldn't exactly afford one of those "new and nifty skooter-boards!". I almost puked just thinking about them.

We walked up to a food cubicle and ordered two burgers and sodas. The food popped out of the bottom and we went to find a table.

"Where do you want to eat today?"

"How 'bout Italy, I haven't been there in a while?"

"Sounds splendid!" replied Darren. We walked through the water like substance, which was dry, into a nice Italian village. Sitting at one of the small tables, we chowed down on our burgers as people went flying in and out of portals all around the little town.

"It's amazing the technology now eh? It seems like yesterday we were still flying in planes!"

"Well, it was just last month,"

"Tomorrow we'll just think about it, and it will happen. I wish things were like they used to be,"

"We don't know what that was like though May,"

"But it seems better then Tech Central,"

"Maybe, who knows, maybe right now there are people eating hamburgers in this exact same spot!" Darren wiggled his fingers at me, attempting to make me scared.

"Shut up and eat your burger,"

"It could be possible,"

"Yeah, so could Snow," we both laughed at that. The earth hadn't seen snow in almost 800 years! Snow I thought, That was a good one!

The End

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