Dale: PerfectionMature

Dale Von Stratford: 1st yr university student

" Focus Dale. Perfection is everything. " I mutter. 

I'm sat at a dressing table. Not a girly one. Just a mirror and bench. I feel in my pocket for my fob watch. That usually helps me concentrate when I'm forging. 

Its always strange when you forge. I mean when I first attempted forging I forged into my old mate Calo. I sat staring at the mirror for a good twenty minutes, unable to believe what I had just done. But now I've almost perfected it, I have become used to that strange feeling I can't describe.

I look up to the mirror. I look like the person on the photo.  I squinted into the mirror...

" Yessss Dale. You've done it ! " I shout in happiness. 

I check my new face closely in mirror. I've forged this man's face perfectly. Right down to the chipped tooth and tiny eyebrow scar. Even the tiny speck of black in the man's  left iris. 

I sit staring at myself a while longer, taking in that I actually managed to perform forging to perfection level.

" Time to go Dale. " I smile. My browning 9mm in my hand. I raise it to the side of my head, closing my eyes. I pull the trigger.

Back in reality...

I sigh. Another day. Another day of continual taunts and bullying. 

" Crap. Late for Drama. " I curse. Grabbing my rucksack containing my folders, trainers and bus pass. I check my fob to make sure I'm not dreaming. You see I know when I dreaming because if the is gold, I'm dreaming. If it's silver I'm not.

20 minutes later.... Grafton University Of Performing Arts. London

I rush off the bus, smiling at a couple of old ladies as I push past them. I notice a couple a men following me as I turn off down the alley which is a shortcut to university.

" Nearly there. " I mutter. 

Then I see in front of me a van. A black van. I keep my head down, hoping the people following me will ignore.

Thwack....I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head as my body hurtled to the floor from the impact of the...Plank. Its going black.

" Wh...what's hap..." I stutter. My head murders. 


The End

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