Colligan: MiracleMature

I found and Grovesnor and Rainer in the apartment opposite mine. The both of them had been tied up, and Robin was guarding the door. The bullet holes in the floor and wall behind the two of them suggested he’d already fired a few warning shots. Rainer watched me as I walked into the living room of the apartment, his expression calm and collected. He wasn’t who I was there to see, though, and I turned my attention to Grovesnor, who showed less restraint than his accomplice.

“You’s all fucked when I get outta here” he spat at me.

“Why did you attack Maria?” I asked, not wasting time, and he just laughed at me. I repeated myself, but he simply laughed harder, and I heard Rainer chuckled beside him.

“Grovesnor, here,” Rainer said, chuckling again, “he hates Mexicans, see?”

“And when I found out there was a wetback bitch here,” Grovesnor smirked, “I just couldn’t resist”

“Couldn’t resist what?” I questioned.

“Couldn’t resist making her suffer. You’re lucky you caught me when you did”


A smirked twisted across his lips as he looked up at me. “’Cause I was gonna rip her limb from limb”

I punched him before I realised what had happened. One minute I was standing there, the next I was being dragged away from Grovesnor by Robin and Sekani. Grovesnor’s face was a bloodied mess, his left eye puffy and swollen. I spat on him as they pulled me away, storming out of the room.

I’d been to see Maria between then and relieving Robin on guard duty. I was determined to make Grovesnor suffer, I just hadn’t figured out how, yet. I had an inkling of an idea, though. I’d gone back later that day to relieve Robin, since he’d been on guard duty most of the day, and he warned me Kat was inside. I thanked him for letting me know, leaning against the wall with my rifle by my side. The door had been left open, and I did my best not to listen in, but frankly there was nothing else to do.

“Enjoy the show? Natch said we went into this one too fast, but I think it went well” I heard Rainer say. If he was hoping for a response, he didn’t get one. Not one that I could hear, anyway. “How’s Pet?”

“Why should I bother telling you? You being nice to her was probably just a lie to get into my bed” Kat said.

“To begin with” Rainer said bluntly.

“Answer me this; would you have killed me, or let one of the others kill me when you got bored of this place like you did the last?” she asked, not getting an answer. “Answer me!”

“No, I wouldn’t” Rainer said calmly.

“What about Pet?”

“That was Natch’s business, not mine”

“So you would have let her die? Now how the fuck did you think I would come with you if you let her die?”

“I don’t know, Kat”

“You’re some messed up son of a bitch, Rainer” she spat, and I heard Rainer chuckle. “They’re gonna kill you”

“I know” he said, his voice still perfectly calm.

I hadn’t doubted for a second that the three of them hadn’t known that they stood the chance of getting caught. In their position, I would have been prepared for death. But the position I was in? I wasn’t prepared for it in the slightest.

The room was silent for a while, and I was tempted to check on Kat, until I heard her voice. “I still love you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll save you”

“I don’t expect you to”


“A little bird told me your secret’s out”

“I’m too far along to get rid of it without surgery, now”

“Not my problem, babe”

“I don’t care, I’m talking about it, anyway. The only other people I can talk to are Colligan and Pet. Pet’s too excited about it, and Colligan… I didn’t want him to know in the first place”

“How did he take it?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t want to talk to him about it” Kat said, and Rainer chuckled. “Do you feel, Rainer?  Or is your soul as black as what you’ve done?”

“You’re not so innocent yourself, Kat. No one here is”

“Pet is. That’s why I protect her. That’s what we need to do; protect the last of humanity’s innocence”

“Innocence is dead. What do you think will happen when she’s old enough to use a gun? To protect herself?”

“The time comes when the time comes”

“And when it does, your precious ‘innocence’ will be the last thing on her mind”

I glanced in the apartment when it went quite, seeing the two of them kissing.  I leant back against the wall when Kat pulled away, hearing her say goodbye to Rainer. I wasn’t expecting her to walk out of the place so soon, though, and she caught me.

“Kat, I was just…”

“Listening in? Spying? Wanting to know why I wanted to see him?” she accused.

“Actually, I was coming to relieve Robin” I said with a frown.

“You heard of all of it, didn’t you?” she asked, sighing when I nodded. “I have to get back to Pet”

“Kat, we need to talk about… y’know”


“Because we do” I said, frowning again. “I’m guessing you’re keeping it?”

“Well no shit, Sherlock” she glared. “Enough people are getting killed, if you can count them as such”

“I still think they’re human” I shrugged. That was why I’d been hesitant to call them ‘zombies’. Kat hugged her stomach. “Have you told Riley?”

“No, I don’t want to, yet. I want the least fuss spent over me. I’m going on raids and acting as normal”

“You say that like there are any supplies left to get”

“Have to head out further, don’t we? Or move”

“I know. I just don’t approve of pregnant women being too far from the only person with medical experience”

“Don’t get pushy with me”

“I’m not being pushy”

“I’m not saying you are now, but don’t start trying to tell I can’t do this and that”

“I will if you start being unreasonable”

Kat rolled her eyes at that, walking off. I shut the apartment door, not wanting to listen to Grovesnor’s threats, and sighed. If me and Kat ever agreed on anything, it’d be a miracle.

The End

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