Bernadette: AttackedMature

"Anna, don't be ridiculous. Why would Simon take my coat?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Have you seen it recently?"

"Well, no," I accepted. "But I still don't believe he took it. What would he need it for?"

Anna shrugged as Owen walked over to the wash station. He instructed Anna to look after Maddie for me while we talked. Then he took me aside.

"Funnel, Tom was just talking to me. He seemed a bit put out. Do you know what could be wrong with him?" He asked. My mind wandered back to spin the bottle and I cast my eyes down.

"What did he say?"

"Well, he didn't tell me what was wrong with him. He just muttered 'Berny's scared of the dark' and walked off. Are you?"

I nodded "But that's not why he's upset," I sighed. He gestured to show I could continue, so I explained to him what happened afterwards and he sighed. "I told him I hated him," I finished. "And he went away..."

Owen led me to somewhere else, out of earshot of anyone except us. "OK, I don't want to sound childish, but you do know he likes you, don't you?"

"I worked it out..." I mumbled guiltily. 

Owen shook his head. "Funnel, when he asks you out every day, it's not a joke for him. He does it in the hope that you'll say yes one time. And he doesn't... well, let's just say he's depressed a lot. I've known the guy for a while. When you started talking to him, his smile was like a fucking miracle. Hadn't seen it in months. I know you didn't know, and he'll probably go into more depth at some point, but... well, I'll let him tell you. But for God's sake, make up with him at least."

I didn't even have time to digest this, because the doors opened and Rhu rushed in. There was blood on her hands and she beckoned me over desperately. Then Si came in, supporting Tom, who collapsed as soon as the door shut. Both of them were soaked in blood.

I ran to Tom's side, soon to find out that the blood was his, from a huge gash in his side. Someone, I don't know who, told me that he'd been attacked by a zombie. Owen quizzed about if he'd been bitten, and we got confirmation from a medic that he hadn't. Then he was taken away to be treated.

Later on, I went to see if I could visit him, but someone was in the room, so I waited outside.

"C'mon," said the voice of Simon. "That's ridiculous. You can't-"

"No," Tom interrupted. "Listen. We're living in a world where zombies are about, we could get killed at any time. We're likely to starve to death within the next year, anyway. Si, I killed our dad, and the only person I think I can relate to hates me. She doesn't want me to talk to her, so I'm not going to."

"You're hopeless, you know that?" Si groaned, and stormed out of the room. He caught sight of me and stopped. "How much of that did you hear?"

"I... uh... when Tom started talking."

"Well, good. Maybe you can talk some sense into him. I've had enough of it. He thinks the universe is against him."

So I take a breath and enter the room.

The End

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