Priority - Katrina LowMature

When I got back from the raid. I freaked out cause I couldn't find Pet. I was racing around and eventually decided to check Rae's shop which is where I found Pet. "Thank god" I sighed in relief. "Pet I thought I told you to stay in the room"

"I was bored" she complained.

"She's been helping me" Rae explained.

Pet gestured at what she been organizing and it did look quite good. "See?" she said proudly. I wanted to let it go but I just couldn't.

"I was worried, Pet" I said harshly. I'd thought of so many horrible things that could have happened. All of them ended with her dead or a zombie. 

Pet frowned at me upset but obviously seeing I was really worried. "I'm sorry"

"Don't be so harsh on her, she's not exactly going to get hurt" Rae said to me.

I sighed giving in because yeah. She was right. "I know, Rae" I said before looking over at her. "But she's my responsibility and I'd feel horrible if she got hurt"

"We all look out for her, whether you realise that or not" she told me. Really... they did that when I wasn't around.

Pet walks up and hugged me round the middle saying a cute little, "I'm sorry!" And I melted giving in. I smiled softly and almost ruffled her hair but stopped myself looking at Rae.

"Thanks, Rae" I said softly.

"Don't mention it" she said with a smile. I turned and left with Pet. Don't... mention. It hit me like a tons of bricks making guilt swarm up. Rae didn't know. No one knew and I'd thought that would be for the best and it is but... I was starting to struggle with it every so often.

Pet ran off to take a wash while I found myself sitting on the stairs up to the floor of mine and Pet's apartment. I had only been sitting there a short while when Rainer walked up. "Heard you went on a run today" he said. 

I remembered what Colligan said about staying away from him. While he hadn't said why... I trusted his judgement. I knew I should stay away from Rainer but when he got so close. So incontrol it was so hard to take the control back. I nodded to answer what he had said. I didn't really have anything to say.

"Find anything interesting?" he asks and I shook my head. "I heard someone's been spreading rumours about me" that made me tilt my head. Rumors.. was he talking about what Colligan had warned me for? I didn't know the reason but maybe he did. "Wondered if any had reached you"

I shook my head. Again why would I tell him. I knew he'd either get mad or try to convince me they were lies. I was bad at reading people but I did get senses of people. Colligan I could trust. Robin hated me but he was a good man. Rainer... I didn't have a clue. He was a maze. Various people all in one bundle.

"If any did, you'd know not to believe them, right?" he said. "Kat?" I shrugged and got up turning to leave. Pet would have finished her wash by now. She'd want me to braid her hair. "That's not an answer, Kat"

I kept heading up the stairs and heard Rainer begin to follow me so I stopped with a frown setting itself on my face. I hated it when he followed me like some eerie shadow.

"I care about you, Kat. I'm just trying to look out for you and Pet"

"Pet only needs me to look after her and I only need her" I said firmly because that was what I felt was the truth. I could run away and survive happily with Pet just for company.

"That's not true"

"That's how I feel"

"Then let someone else in"

"Why you?"

"Like I said, I care about you" he said. I chose to ignore that and started heading up the stairs once again. I heard him sigh behind me but didn't stop going up to the apartment. Rainer followed me. Again.

"Stop following me. Its creepy" I said to him.

"I'll stop following you when you listen to me"

"About what?"

"About this. About us"

"Us" I said with a frown. Us meant we were something. There was no Us with me and Rainer. Just me and him.

"I reckon we could work"

"I don't"

"Why not?"

"Cause I need to protect Pet not get distracted" I said to him. That was my purpose now. Nothing else mattered but that. I'd brought her here. I was meant to look after her.

"I'm a distraction?" he chuckled.

My cheeks flushed. "Yes"

"Then let me distract you"


"Why not?"

"Cause I need to protect Pet"

"Pet's fine" he said. His words annoyed me. I turned to go into my apartment but his hand caught out at my wrist.

"Let go" I said annoyed.


"Let go!" my voice yelled out. I was angry. Furious even that he wouldn't just give up. I didn't need him or want him. That last time I'd been weak and tired but I wouldn't be now. He sighed and let go allowing my hand to come hard across his cheek.

His eyes glared out at me. "What was that for?"

It was for those kisses. For taking advantage. For making me need you when I knew you were bad and I shouldn't. "I'm not a puppet" is what came out of my mouth and I slid into my apartment closing the door.

Pet was waiting. She looked scared. I walked over folding my arms around her letting her know it was okay. I had to protect her. The others helped but they didn't care for her like me. They didn't feel the responsibility I did.

The End

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