Why? - Katrina LowMature

It was a couple weeks later when it finally hit me. Well, more Pet came yelling out the bedroom, "It's thanksgiving!" as she twirled across the room. It had made me laugh and I had watched her rush about before vanishing out the apartment.

I hadn't spoken to Rainer since that night he'd shown up at the apartment. Why would I? He was firm in saying I liked someone else despite the fact I didn't at all. I was just washing myself down and cleaning my hair when Pet came running into the room with something bundled in her arms. I shook out my wet hair and faced her. "What have you got there?"

"Tah dah" she said presenting my with a knee length dress. It was strapless and tugged it at the waist before flowing outwards stopping at the knee. I blinked then understood why Pet was grinning at me. I opened my mouth to protest. "It's thanksgiving"

The puppy eyes came out. I couldn't tell her how uncomfortable dresses made me. So instead I just grin and took it as she tugged me into the dress. Pet then also decided to mess with my hair. "Pet there isn't anything you can do" I told her.

My hair was too short to be made fancy only barely reaching below my earlobe. She tried though. Tried with bows and ribbons which I quickly dismissed. When I yanked of my boots she pouted at me but then I politely pointed out I had no other shoes. I did manage to also sneakily strap a knife under my dress to my thigh. 

I always had to be prepared. By the time we were heading down booze was being pulled out and everyone was down there. I was seriously aware of my bare arms and legs. Also how my arms were a bit raw from all my scratching.

Pet raced off into the group and automatically I reached out for her worried. Pet went and sat at the table. The people missing were Rae, Scott, Maria and then two of the trio were gone. Rainer was there though with a spare seat next to him at the table. Ignoring it I followed Pet taking the seat between her and Colligan.

"Isn't this a bit too social for you?" Colligan asked me amused. My mere reply was a jerk of my thumb towards Pet which basically explained everything. He laughed out and I felt odd by it but luckily didn't have time to dwell on it cause food was served.

I was given a beer. I never usually touched alcohol so by the time I'd had my second things were getting hazy. By my fourth I couldn't tell you who was doing what. All I knew is as I was heading to get another drink I ended up bumping into someone. We started off talking then soon I felt lips. Felt my skin burn as hands ran over me.

I don't what I was doing every touch was making me sick but I couldn't stop. I couldn't even say who it was but soon we were in a tight small space. One of the cupboards I think and my dress was off. The coolness of the floor was on my back and it happened.

I never knew how'd I'd react to sleeping with someone cause of the contact thing but it was wonderful and painful and made me wanting to cry cause someones skin was pressing into mine. After I fell asleep.

When I woke up my head was pounding and for a moment I didn't know what was going on. Then I saw my dress lying off near the door. I felt a body pressed against my back warm and secure. I squeezed my eyes shut and shuffled away trying to not be sick. I sat up then finally opened my eyes. Then I did through up grabbing a bag that was in the cupboard and throwing up everything in my stomach.

I don't know why I reacted so bad but I just... I just couldn't except the fact. Oh god, Rae. They'd been getting close as well what had I done? Why had I done it?

Why in the world had I slept with Colligan?!

The End

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