I'm Not A Liar - Katrina LowMature

I had just gotten Pet to sleep against the noise of zombies when I answered the door. I knew who I'd find but I answered it anyway. This time I was confused by the sight of him. I felt like I should squirm but also bow down to him.

It was the oddest mixture of feelings. "Surprise" he said suddenly holding up a game for a gameboy advance. Where he'd found it I didn't know.

"Pet's asleep" I merely said not taking the game from him.

"I didn't exactly come here to see Pet" he said making me freeze in shock. I didn't know how you were meant to react to something like that from a guy you found creepy yet also respectable. "It's quiet out, fancy going for a walk?"

I was going to say 'no' but they weren't the words that came out of my mouth. "Where?" I asked worrying about leaving Pet in the back of my head.

"Just up to the roof"

"Why?" I questioned. I was going to ask as many as I could till he got bored and left. That worked didn't it?

"Why not?"

"Why would I?"

"Y'know, I was always told not to trust anyone who answers a question with a question" he chuckled making me feel uncomfortable and hit something else.

"Then go away?" I suggested.

"You won't get rid of me that easy"

"Why not?" I asked going back to the questions.

"I'm persistent"


He then leaned on the door frame. Oh gosh, he was getting in. "Let's worry about the 'whys' later"

"Why not now?" I asked again. I couldn't give up now. Besides if I tried to think about answering I probably wouldn't be able to so sticking to questions was easiest. I stepped back. My skin was getting really itchy and I could help but scratch at the back of my hand. I was almost clawing at it actually and it hurt.

"You got a rash or something?" he asked glancing down at my hand. I shook my head then was angry at myself for it cause I'd lost my flow and now emotions were flowing over me. I felt faint and dizzy. My vision was doubling up a bit. I needed to get him to leave. My nails clawed harder at my hand. "Maybe you should sit down"

"Not..." I forced out feeling my throat tight and painful. "Not until you go"

"You got a problem with me?"

"Yes" I couldn't stop the answer.

Then he chuckled. It was darker than the one before. "Ungrateful bitch" he said turning to leave. My legs gave out just as he turned his back and I slumped onto the floor. I hadn't even been able to close the door. Rainer turned back. "How 'bout that walk? Might make you feel better"

Well his mood changed quick. I swallowed not really able to answer. If I tried to socialize much more I'd be throwing up anyway even without food in my stomach. He offered me a hand to get up.

"Pet'll be fine, if that's what you're worried about" he said. I still didn't take his hand. I was scared. My head felt like a bloody maze even to me. He crouched down in front of me. "What's wrong?"

I had to look away from his eyes and I gaped like a fish for a few moment. I couldn't grasp words. Him being this close made me want to go back to scratching my hand all over again.

"Are you scared I'll hurt you?" he asked and I shook my head. That wasn't what I was scared of even though I didn't feel safe with him. "Then what is it?"

I knew I had to answer so I did. "I don't feel well" I lied. Well, it wasn't really a lie but it wasn't the honest truth either. I was telling him only a bit of the truth.

"C'mon, lets get you back to bed"

I quickly shook my head. "Pet's asleep in there"

"Then stay at mine, it's just down the hall" he said which made me shoot him a glare. You don't just say that to a girl. I struggled to my feet which was the wrong idea cause I tripped meaning Rainer began to help me. I flinched away from his touch like I did with everyone. "Kat, I'm trying to help you"

Well, I knew that didn't mean I liked having his hands on me. When I was stood I pulled away from him. He frowned at me but I merely said, "Goodnight"

"What, you think you're too good for me or something? Wait, let me guess, you've got a crush on someone" he kept talking while I noticed he was now sort of in my apartment. That and his attitude made me frown as I shook my head. Who the hell would I have a crush on? "You do" he chuckled.

I couldn't help but glare. I wasn't a liar. "No I don't"

"Sure you don't. Let me know when you give up" he said then left. I was left gob smacked. What the hell? I slammed my door not caring if I woke people up. I stormed over to the sofa sitting down. 

Why would he think I had a crush on someone? Why would he care.... unless he liked me. God, that would be a mess up. I couldn't deal with him not with him turning my head into a maze. I didn't know what to do around him. Then his mood swings. 

Why? Just... Why to everything?

The End

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