Cook - Katrina LowMature

A month. 

A month since the trio of soldiers had turned up at the place. At first they had seemed okay. Then they had started pushing Colligan out of his place as leader. Sure he wasn't great but he understood things while the trio they just gave me the creeps.

Pet had wanted to get to know them and give them a chance but I'd warned her to stay away from them. I'd become more serious when the one guy Rainer had started trying to talk to her and me. He backed off the moment I made it clear that I didn't like it. Well, he backed off on Pet but I wasn't quite sure on me.

Pet had finally got me out again since the evil trio had came to make dinner for the group. Apparently she had volunteered me. Great. I'd done it anyway. Everyone took their dinner but there was one who didn't come down which is how I found myself stood outside the guard room door with food for Colligan.... again.

I knocked once pretty hard not wanting to be polite. How dare he not come down when Pet had dragged me out of my room. Me! The one who was most likely to be cowering away scratching at my arms which were only raw near my wrists and back of hands at the moment. Pet had been very pleased saying it was an improvement.

"Come in" Colligan called so I did holding his food out towards him. He took it saying, "Thanks" as he did.

"Why are you hiding? Everyone else is downstairs" I questioned him.

"Guard duty"

"Its pointless" I rolled my eyes. "Nothings getting in"

"It pays to be safe"

"Then why aren't the trio taking charge of it if it's so important?" 

"I guess they liked the rota" Colligan shrugged at me. I sat on the desk looking at him as I titled my head. I didn't look in the eyes. Never the eyes. I hadn't eaten yet and nor was I planning to. Cooking downstairs hearing people around me had been horrible and I knew if I ate anything it would come back up. So I just dealt with the aching stomach pain that hunger brought. "What?"

I didn't know what. I just felt like I didn't have a clue what was going on anymore. No one bothered to tell me anything. I was left ignored. For once in my life I felt lonely. It was lucky I had Pet although if I hadn't I probably wouldn't be in this situation.

"I don't feel safe" I finally admit to him in a quiet voice. I didn't feel secure. I felt like my life was in the hands of people who make me squirm even more than the normal person. They acted nice but there was something about them. I don't know. I didn't have a clue what it was but there was something.

Then there was Natch's disrespect of Colligan who was his superior in rank and a nicer man. I knew we fought, yelled and squabbled but that was our problems. Other areas he helped. Pet had told me about it. She talked to me at night how things use to be. She was scared too cause I was scared cause she knew I'd only be scared for a reason.

"Why not?" Colligan asked me bringing me back.

I swallowed hoping no one was listening in. "Cause of them"

"What about them?" Colligan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The give me.... the creeps. I know that sounds pathetic" I said beginning to feel silly. I got to my feet turning to the door. "It doesn't matter" I told him them left walking up to my room. I hope Pet had gone there like I told her to.

I was heading up the stairs when suddenly I bumped into someone. As I stepped back and looked up I felt squirms go through me at the sight of the man. Rainer. 

"Hey, Kat" he said it normally but it felt wrong for my name to be on his lips. I didn't want it to be on his lips. I nodded politely at him. I couldn't help but be polite cause of the respect his position in the army brought out of me. Although, I did try to leave up the stairs straight after. "I found something on our last run, thought Pet might like it"

I stopped waiting for him to reveal it. Not that I'd give it to Pet.

"It's back at my place. The two of you could swing by later, if you wanted?"

I tensed instantly and a firm "No" slipped straight out of my mouth. I wasn't going anywhere near his apartment. It might of been harsh and rude but this guy creeped me out. If I didn't have to go I wouldn't. Especially with Pet. 

"How about I stop by yours, then?"

"No one goes in my apartment" I instantly said. It had been one thing that hadn't changed since I got her. The only people who had come into my apartment was that stupid dog and Pet.

"Then I won't go inside"

"Still no"

Then he said something I hadn't expected. "I won't take no for an answer, Kat" his tone said almost commanding. It hit that spot in me. The memory of my dad how I never got things from him but he always did from me. I blinked shocked. 

Rainer kept looking at me with expectations. Ones I didn't want to stand up to. "No" I said my voice wobbling weak before I ran off up the stairs. I reached the apartment and slammed the door behind me shocking Pet.

"What's wrong?" she asked but I didn't answer. My heart was pounding. 

What was happening?

The End

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