Clothes - Katrina LowMature

"Wake up! Wake up!" Pet complained. "You have to get ready"

"No, I don't" I moped. Pet had kindly volunteered me to go on a clothes raid with Colligan. With just Colligan. The idea made me feel uncomfortable.

Pet kicked me hitting me in the stomach. The kid had a good kick. "Do you want to look like a pile of rags?"

"Why does it matter?" I complained. Apparently in some twisted way Pet had come to the conclusion that this was something like a date. Me? I just saw it as I was probably the last resort. I'd been terrible use at helping Riley and eventually Rae had taken over.

Rae... She seemed to like Colligan. She should be going out on this raid alone with him. Although, she couldn't wield a gun and she was seventeen. That may only be two years younger than me but she seemed fragile in a way. I sighed. Why was I thinking about all this? It wasn't my business. Pet was still pestering me trying to get me out of my ball of sheets. Eventually she gave up and stormed off irritated.

Great I'd have to deal with that later. I got up. "Pet" I sighed going after to her. "Look, its not a date. Its a raid" 

She looked up at me with the puppy eyes. Damn those puppy eyes. My stomach began to churn. I couldn't itch my arm much more. It would start to bleed otherwise. Pet seemed to understand what I was thinking and sighed. "I just want you to make friends" she grumbled.

I left it at that knowing really what she wanted was to me be friends with everyone and date Colligan. She was like a sneaky little cupid trying with all her will to put a couple together. Me and Colligan though. We didn't match.

There was a knock and Pet raced off to answer it. "Is Kat ready?" I heard Colligan's voice say.

"No" said Pet's mopey voice. I shook my head and grabbed my gear heading for the door.

"Yes I am" I sighed as I reached Colligan at the door as I strapped on the gear. I shot Pet a glare warning her a little. God I felt like a scolding mother or a sister. No, we much more like sisters. The idea made me happy a little but also feel a little sick at being so close to someone. Needing to protect them.

"See you later, Pet" Colligan said while I ruffled her hair awkwardly as I passed her. Okay, not doing that again cause it made me want to itch my hand. I felt as if I had to though with the sudden idea of the sister thing. "We're doing a short run today, just finding some clothes for Gabriel and Pet"

I nodded quietly. I took the stairs gentle. My knee had been acting up and I was guessing the fact I dislocated it was finally starting to show systems. We reached the hummer and it was obvious Col would drive. I barely knew how to turn a car on let alone drive it. So I got in the shot gun seat and sat there awkwardly.

"Make a record of how many cars we pass. This thing'll need more gas soon" he said tossing me a pad of paper suddenly which hit me square in the face. Ow. Luckily it had missed my eye.

See, Pet, this is no way a date. From what I knew if it was I wouldn't be having things thrown in my face and be told to take records. This was business. Plain and Simple. Why was Pet's words getting to my though? "Sorry" Colligan apologized but I just started taking the record. We didn't have to be friendly did we really?

We reached a childrens clothes shop and the street was deserted of zombies. Huh? So they really did sleep like Pet had heard the others say. They did have to go somewhere to sleep though.... so where was that? 

We headed in cautiously and I tugged out my gun. Once we got in I gestured I was going left which Colligan confirmed with a nod. I checked each isle and thought I'd gotten through free when I saw it.

A child with her hair while and chucks between her teeth. Blood stained her pink dress. I was frozen. I couldn't move. Then the girl turned and saw me. She began running at me. I lifted my gun but didn't fire.

8 meters away.

6 meters away.

4 meters- a gun went off and the kid thumped to the floor. She looked around about four years old. That other kid had been another story but this. My hands were shaking I could see. I wanted to curl up and hide away. "Stay sharp, Kat" Colligan's voice said but I couldn't look away from the kid.

My legs felt weak and I felt hot tears start to fall rapidly down my cheeks. Colligan sighed and finally I looked up. "She's.... She's so young" I just got out.

"It happens, Kat. Come on" 

We finished the job in silence without talking. If Colligan spoke to me I didn't hear it and soon we were back at the apartments. Those eyes. Those little girls eyes were seared in my brain.

"Something wrong?" Rae's voice reached me. I stopped and looked at her.

"Colligan shot a kid" I said then walked off upstairs.

The End

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