Muffins and Accessories - Katrina LowMature

Pet was really proud of the muffins when she saw them the next day. So she decided that we had to go round and share them with everyone. She sent me to Colligan's room while she ran off to give Riley and Joe theirs.

I stood awkwardly at Colligan's door holding the plate of muffins. How had I gotten into this? Oh yeah, I saved Pet and now that puppy eyed, 9 year-old had me handing out muffins. I was perfectly fine before. I wasn't yanked out of my comfort zone. I moved to knock on his door then stopped. I could just eat the muffins and lie to Pet.

She'd eventually find out though. I blew out a breath and knocked on the door three times. When the door began to open my skin began to get itchy.

"Need something?" he asked. Colligan looked tired. Well, he always looked tired from what I'd seen of him. For a moment I felt worried. What the hell was that kid doing to me? 

"Muffins" I muttered holding the plate up. Right, now I officially felt like an idiot and with the plate in my hands it was impossible to pick at my nails or scratch my skin. All I got from Colligan was a raised eyebrow. "Pet made them" I said like that explained everything including why I was at his door giving them to him.

Why did she think I had to give Colligan's his? From what I knew everyone but Alice hated me. Although, I hadn't met quite a few people of this group. Was I really in a group? Ugh, the thought made my insides churn. I wanted to be sick but Pet would probably be heartbroken if I dropped or threw up on her muffins. No, there was no probable about it. She would be heartbroken.

"Oh. Tell her I said thanks" he said with a smile. I nodded handing over the muffins and turning to leave. I headed back to the apartment finding Pet with more plates. 

"How was it?" she asked her eyes twinkling. I frowned. Why did she seem like she felt I'd just made some huge break through.

"He said... thanks" I said picking at my nails. Pet saw me and hit my hand grabbing some bandages that Riley had given her. She bound my hands so I could only just carry the plate. I found it irritating but put up with it anyway.

Something really was wrong. Pet skipped ahead of me as we headed to see Alice. Pet was really excited about the baby. I'd seen a baby before but I'd never gone anywhere near one. My only family had been my dad so its not like I could celebrate a birth or anything.  Then the fact I liked hiding away... well, no friends either.

"Alice!" Pet sung knocking on her door. How did Pet know where they all lived? She really had been getting around. Alice answered.

"Oh hello, Pet" 

Pet gestured at the plate in my hands. "We brought muffins"

"Oh come in" Alice said. Pet skipped in and I hesitated. My stomach was starting to really hurt now. I wanted to curl up and whine about it but I couldn't Pet would get worried and also be upset I hadn't tried.

Why did I have to try? Being locked away was so much easier. So I walked in and sat with Pet. Alice took the muffins off me and lowered herself into a seat. "Sam talking with someone so its nice to have company"

"We're glad to keep you company" Pet grinned. 

Alice smiled rubbing her belly. It really was getting big. It looked like it was gonna pop. In fact it was a bit scary. I didn't realise I had started staring but Pet kindly elbowed me. Ouch, that girl had sharp elbows!

"Kat got me a gameboy advance" Pet said brightly. "She's teaching me how to play!"

"Oh that's nice" Alice smiled at Pet. I realised I was just sat next to Pet like some sort of accessory. Great, I thought glumly. Suddenly Alice tensed. 

Strangely I knew what was happening. "Pet.... go get Riley and Sam" I said my eyes widening.

"Why?" Pet said oblivious.

"Cause my water just broke" Alice gasped.


The End

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