Pacman - Katrina LowMature

When we got back I just went upstairs to Pet. Leave them to organize how to fix the electricity. "Pet" I said quietly as I got to the room smelling burning. I walked in and found her trying to make muffins.

There was batter everywhere and a batch already burnt. Pet looked up from where she was sat watching the muffins. "Hey, go well?" she asked. I shrugged wondering if what had happened could be called well. 


Pet looked up at me waiting for me to continue when a timer pinged. She quickly rushed to get the muffins out using some rags. She pulled them out and again they were burnt. She pouted at them. "What is going wrong?" she complained.

"Pet your wasting food" I frowned.

"I know but I wanted to make everyone muffins like I use to make my dad" she says tearing up. Ugh, what was this painful clenching feeling round my heart which made me feel like I had to do something. I walked over to look at the muffins and sighed tossing them away. I doubt even the dog would eat them.

I patted her back and looked at the remainder of the fresh food which was going out of date. "Let me help you" I finally gave in. We mixed together the batter slowly and I noticed what she was doing wrong stopping her before she did it.

Soon there was a new set of muffins baking and we were in the living room. "So tell me really how it went" she said seriously. I bit my lip and tugged the gameboy advance out my pocket. "What's that?" Pet asked excitedly sliding up to me. 

"I found it when we were out. I use to play it as a kid thought you might want it" 

Pet took it off me opening up the game and clicking it on. Pacman came to life on the screen. "What's this?" she asked gesturing at the yellow little head.

"Its pacman"

"Who's pacman?" she says as she began to play. "Oh wait no I get it. He's meant to eat the mints!"

I laughed remembering the various names and jokes made about pacman over the years. The alarm pinged for the muffins but Pet seemed to engrossed in the game so I went off to get them out. I put them out to cool coming back to find Pet yelling annoyed at the screen. I leant over the back of the couch watching her. "Let me help" I said reaching round her and showing her what to do. Well, a better way to do it.

"Did you get any other games?" she asked looking at me. I shook my head and Pet looked upset by that fact turning back to her game.

"I'll keep an eye out for more" I told her. She nodded and I quietly placed the charger next to her. Not that it would be much use write now. I headed to the bed and lay down trying to close my eyes but sleep wouldn't come.


I sat up and looked at Pet stood in the doorway. "Yes?"

"Will you show me how to play again?" she said walking over. I nodded and she scrambled into my lap giving the gameboy to me. Having her in my lap meant I had to put my arms round her to play.

I felt my skin begin to itch but I ignored it. This was Pet. I could trust her. Which was confirmed by her just falling asleep against me. I swallowed and laid her down putting the gameboy on the side. I wondered if they'd gone to find the parts yet. If they'd gotten back.

All I cared really about was Pet being safe and I meant that.

The End

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