Rations/Not so bad - Katrina LowMature

The next day the lights went out. A short commotion followed by the need for a supply run. Pet dragged me out of the room down to where Colligan and Robin were talking about who should go and who should stay.

They looked up as Pet pulled me into the foyer. "Kat will help" Pet said smiling. I blinked then looked at her. I pulled her aside about to open my mouth when she shock her head. "No, you must go"

"But Pet..." I glanced over at Colligan and Robin who were whispering in a deeper discussion. "They don't trust me" Pet gave me a look. One she had seemed to be using to get what she wants and really it worked. Even with me when it made me shift uncomfortable from all the eye contact. "Fine" I gave in and Pet grinned pulling me back over. 

"She'll go" Pet said sweetly. I can't believe a nine year old had me wrapped round her little finger. It made me feel a little weak as a person. Not that it was anything new.

Robin eyed me suspiciously as they turned to face me. "Good to have you on board, at last" Colligan said almost nicely but I couldn't help but point at Pet almost accusingly. Like she'd forced me to go. Which she had but its not like I didn't have the choice to say no. Everything fell into an awkward silence of glaring eyes and standing still.

"When are you going?" Pet jumped in brightly in an attempt it seemed to break the awkwardness. I don't think anything was going to help the awkwardness stop between me and Robin.

"In a few hours" Colligan says.

"Just come and fetch her when you're ready" Pet said before pulling me off. I felt like a bit of a dog. Speaking of dog. I notice it by Colligan's legs. Traitor.

"Why did you do that, Pet?" I whispered as we got back to the room.

She put her hands on her hips and shook her head. "Kat, we're living in a building with 11 other people. We need to start helping out. I've done my bit. Now its your turn"

"What if they talk to me?" I panicked.

"Hand gestures" Pet teased making me smile a little. I sat down heavy a sigh. "I'll heat up some rations"

Pet left into the kitchen. How was I going to cope with this? Pet was pushing my boundaries and I'm not sure what that was going to do. I'd become very protective of Pet as well I didn't know why but I was. It was like creating a new problem to myself. Instead of being stuck with people I was panicking over Pet's safety.

Could I really leave her here alone without someone to look after her? What if someone convinced her I was a bad person like everyone seemed to think? Well, no, they just thought I was an untrustworthy nuisance. 

"Bean stew or chilli?" Pet asked popping her head out of the kitchen. I bit the inside of my cheek and thought for a moment.

"Chilli" I nodded. "I'll need my energy if I'm going out"

Pet nodded and slid back into the kitchen. I leant my head back and felt myself drifting to sleep before the scent of food hit my nostrils. Pet brought the food back in with our plastic sporks and handed me a bag. "We should stock up" she said. "These aren't as bad as I thought before"

I chuckled silent to myself. We ate our meals then Pet started to read a book aloud. I knew she was reading it to me and I did listen it but we just pretended she was practicing her reading.

Then the knock on the door came.

The End

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