Try not to die [Rhubarb]Mature

I screamed. A cold, sticky hand had latched onto my leg and was holding on with a vice like grip, jerking my broken ankle. The pain would have made me vomit, had I had much more in my stomach. But apart from that, I was truly truly terrified that my life was going to end right there and then. I wouldn't even have time to draw my sword.

"Berny!" I yelled. Even she wouldn't be able to see in this dim light. Not well enough to shoot by sight.

"Berny! Here!" I screamed frantically, unable to shake off the zombie because of my ankle. I could feel it trying to knaw at my leg, but my boots were offering some slight protection. Still I could feel them tearing a little already.

The world exploded into red fire as Berny shot the flare. A screech came from behind me and the hand let go of my leg. The pit lit up briefly as the flare hit the wall and set... something on fire. I saw something tall, metal -- a ladder! I could get out! I scrambled.

My hand found the lowest rung and I pulled myself up, trying to put all my weight on my good leg. I managed to get a metre or so before my foot started dragging against rungs. I gasped and let go, only just managing to grab on again before I fell completely.

"Berny!" I tried to shout. "I can't-"

"Come on!" she cut in. "I'll get another flare!"


Well, at least Jon was concerned. I started pulling myself up again, making sure to keep my bad leg to the side so my ankle would be jerked as little as possible. The pit couldn't have been more than three metres deep or so, but I felt like I climbed a mile. I felt the top of the ladder, and the edge of the pit, and then Jon pulled me out.

"Come on Ren, we have to go."

There was another flash of red light as Berny, now able to aim, filled the pit of not-so-sleeping zombies with fire.

"Go, idiots. I-"

"Don't you even dare try and be heroic. You're too pathetic for that. Come on, I'll carry you," Jon told me. Well, I probably did need to be carried, but that was hardly the point.

A flaming zombie suddenly appeared in front of me, and blood and pain sliced down the left side of my face. I heard gunshots, and saw the zombie stagger back, but I couldn't see properly and everything was blurring and-

Jon picked me up and ran.

The End

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