Bernadette: Try Not to PanicMature

My eyes had started to adjust to the dark, so it was easier for me to stay calm now. Although I still didn't enjoy the fact that I couldn't see properly.

But then again, I was completely focused on the sticker-sized patch of light that Rhubarb was running to, so I wasn't really seeing much anyway.

Still, I did look away when Rhubarb's footsteps suddenly stopped. But then I had nothing to focus on, so I froze just as she let out a pained yelp. 

"You OK Ren?" Jon asked, only just remembering to stop at 'Ren'.

"I'm fine," she lied. Obviously she was not fine. Nobody makes an injury sound and has a resulting feeling of 'fine'.

"What happened?" I asked.

"... There's a pit," she said. "And I think I broke my ankle..."

I didn't know how to reply, so I kept my mouth shut. A shuffling sound came from Rhu's direction.

"Ah... Berny?"


"I think there's something down here..."

I went into panic mode, and asked "Like what?" in synchronisation with Jonathon. 

"Well... I don't know exactly..." more movement sounds. "It feels like... damn."


Then there was a lot more movement, accompanied by tired groaning sounds. "Damn damn damn, I think it's zombies!"

"Quick! Climb out!" I shouted. "Find a ladder! Climb out!"

"Berny quick, there's something grabbing onto my leg! Help!"

I scrabbled for my flares and managed to load one into the gun, but I had no idea which direction I was shooting in.

The End

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