Bedtime - Katrina LowMature

Pet was almost as insistent that I sleep as I was. The shaking wouldn't stop all night. When I woke my leg had been braced in something and Pet was saying goodbye to someone. She stopped at the sight of me awake when she came back into the bedroom. She gave a sheepish smile. "Um, you know it was really hard to get that guy to help you?"

"You shouldn't have bothered, Pet" I whispered noticing my fingers had been bandaged as well as sighed moving to take them off but Pet stopped me. She looked up at me with her wide green eyes pleading me to not. I had to look away. While I could trust this innocent little girl that look was too much. I was even squirming at her holding my hands.

"I want to help you" she said her eyes tearing up. "My daddy would want me to help you just like he tried to help mummy"

I swallowed but didn't need to say anything as Pet let go of my hands and left the room. I heard the front door open then close and tried to get up. It was difficult but I soon noticed the make shift crutch. I got into the kitchen where I got a bottle of water from the still working fridge. I'd been sat on the sofa for about half an hour when the door opened.

In walked Pet along with a obviously pregnant women who I quickly assumed was Alice. Pet had pulled her along into the apartment to stand before me. "Oh dear, that is a bad leg you have" Alice smiled softly not seeming to know what else to say.

"I explained to Alice about what happened" Pet said looking at me pointedly. "How you saved me thanks to going out yesterday"

"Everyone's making a very big fuss about nothing" Alice waved. "I'm okay and that is what matters. Also, that this little girl is safe and has someone to look after her"

I nodded stiffly wanting to bite my fingers but they were bandaged so instead I chewed on my bottle. Unlike with Colligan I couldn't speak. I couldn't only talk to him cause he was a soldier and my respect went to him instantly. Then the fact he'd saved my life after I had saved his. He may be an ass but... occasionally it seemed he did the right thing.

"Anyway, I best go back to my Sam" Alice smiled after the moment of awkward silence. She then rushed out and Pet locked the door behind her. She turned to me and met my glare which I kept below her eyes.

She folded her arms looking back seriously. "It had to be done. That soldier was right in a way. You owed her an apology and since you cant give it I helped you"

"Why are you so friendly with me?" I whispers. 

She flushed. "Because... you look like you need someone just like I do and... I trust you cause you saved me. Why do you trust me?"

"You're innocent" I shrugged. Pet smiled embarrassed and went off to the kitchen to get herself some water.

She did have a point about the whole apology but looking at my bottle top and tasting the blood in my mouth just confirmed that I'd personally never of been able to give it. "Are these army rations? Tinned food?" I heard Pet say from the kitchen making me smile. She sounded like me as a kid when my dad had taken me camping. "Ooo, cookies"

She brought them back through and offered me one. Taking a glance at the sell by date I quietly took one and popped it into my mouth as Pet sat on the sofa next to me. 

"I wonder where your dogs gone" Pet mussed through a mouthful of cookies making a little spark of laughter rise in me.

"It ain't my dog" I shrugged. "Maybe it went somewhere else to get more food"

Pet giggled and we ate cookies for a little while in silence which actually I was quite comfortable with despite having the company of a stranger. A stranger who wanted to be around me. Well that was new.

The End

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