The Little Girl - Katrina LowMature

More people were coming. I didn't like it and I was noticing food was getting lower and lower with each passing moment. They'd gone on food runs but it wouldn't be enough. They kept leaving me food which I ate but I felt a little bad after. 

I'd cleaned out my apartment but I don't think anyone notice. The stench of the dead had got too much and I'd used up the cleaning supplies. The bathroom still had some running water and there was two packets of eight set batteries in the bedroom to keep my torch running. Not like I needed it cause the electricity seemed to keep up.

The dog hadn't left me alone and I had gotten it some food by leaving via the window before I bordered them up. The place had a back exit via one window but apart from that was quite well built as a fortress. I couldn't approve of the buildings strength though. Eventually I grew tired and locking up the apartment I headed downstairs using the exit they used for runs to leave. The dog came as well of course. It followed me quite as we jogged along. 

I wanted to stockpile on some more bullets from the store down the road and maybe grab some food to repay for what they had given me. It was as I reached the shop that I heard a noise. I pulled out my dagger. I already had my gun out. I always had a gun out. I dumped my bag by the counter as I made sure the area was safe. 

The gun shop was safe but there was still that noise. Like someone who had hiccups. I approached the back door and slowly pushed it open to come face to face with a child. She was holding a gun in her hands and it was shaking. She brought it up pointing towards me. I was glad the safety was on. I put my gun and dagger away and knelt down watching her. "Who are you?" she squeaked.

I watched her for a moment. This was a kid. A child. Yet she still made me fidget a bit. "Kat" I told her. 

"My daddy got hurt" she whispered. "Can you help him?"

I shook my head making her head fall and tears pour out. "Where is he?" I asked looking to the left and seeing a locked door. She pointed towards that door and I nodded. "What... What is your name?" 

"Petra but... but everyone calls me Pet" 

A nickname. My dad had given me one of those to. Kat. His little kitten. "Okay" I said standing up. She got to her feet to. I saw her back pack and picked it up to find coloring gear. 

"Am I coming with you?" she said as the dog slipped through and pressed his nose into her cheek. She giggled and I nodded handing her back her bag.

"Is there food here?" She nodded and I gestured to her bag. She got the drift and went off to pack it while I went back into the shop. I got together five more clips but this place had been raided before me.

Pet came out of the backroom her backpack on. "Hold his collar" I said gesturing to the dog. Pet did as I asked and we began back towards the tower. As we did though a zombie stumbled out. Pet yelped and the zombie looked our way. I swore pulling my gun up and firing three time. The zombie fell but that wasn't what I was worried about. Non came out in front so I looked over my shoulder.

"Pet run!" I yelled. She did off up down the street. She still held the gun in her hands. I turned and thought about shoot but saw it pointless and went after her. I caught up with her and picked her up. I didn't have to worry about the dog it kept up. I reached the tower and tried to get in but the door was locked.

I put Pet down and pushed against it. I then try to kick it open but it held tight. I turned and faced the approaching zombies. "Open the door! Open the door!" I yelled. Pet began to shout as well. I knew I shouldn't because it drew more zombies out but I was scared.

For the first time in my life I couldn't stay calm. Pet kept banging against the door as I took out two zombies and had to use a second clip. I also pulled out my second gun and took another four down before finally the door swung in. I shoved Pet in and stumbled in myself. The dog just slid in before whoever had opened the door slammed it shut.

I slumped to the floor and Pet stood shaking before the dog trotted up. She threw her arms round it and I swear that was the only thing keeping the poor girl up. She looked at me and then the person who let us in.

I followed her line of sight to the eyes of Colligan.

The End

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