Pit [Rhubarb]Mature

All the time I'd spent in Flowerhouse buying jewellery I didn't need and eating overpriced sushi, I'd never once given thought to what lay below my feet.

And yet here I was, in a pitch black cellar right beneath the miniature uber-market.

Berny had stopped yelling, but I felt that she was still scared out of her mind. Well, she was doing a bloody good job at staying calm. I thought back to the lift and knew she was much better at controlling her fear than I was.

"Jon, just how long were you planning on us staying down here?" I asked my brother.

His silence told me he hadn't thought about it at all.

"Dear god, Jonothan. You're useless."

"You can talk, Reno-"

"Rhubarb!" I screamed, cutting him off. "Rhubarb or Ren, but do not call me by my full name."

"What's so bad about your name?" Berny asked, sounding both cheery and sulky, a point that I decided only Berny could reach.

"It's ridiculous. Someone once I couldn't have a stranger name if I was called Rhubarb. Hence."

"Oh," Berny said.

There followed an awkward silence, which Jon broke by saying that he'd rather die than turn into a zombie.

Berny muttered something that sounded like "I'd rather be a zombie than be down here."

"Don't say that," I snapped. I felt hungry, which would explain my sudden mood change. Knowing that didn't make me feel any better, though.

"Why not?"

"Because one, you don't mean it, and two, if you were a zombie I'd have to kill you."


"Look!" Jon shouted suddenly, pointing. "Light!"

Both me and Berny spun wildly, looking for this 'light'. A pinprick greeted us, but widened as we looked, just bright enough to return a low level of vision.

"I'll go see what that is!" I said, though with more confidence than I felt. I started jogging, then running towards the postage stamp of brightness. I could see a vague block shape in front of me. Just as I reached it, I put out a hand and vaulted over it, ready to keep running.

My feet did not meet ground.

The End

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